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Murders in Longueuil: The suspect is transferred ;ré à Pinel

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A police officer from the Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service monitors the scene of a double murder that occurred in Longueuil on Wednesday, September 27, 2023. (Archive photo)


Michael Lominy was formally charged with the second degree murder of his mother, Marguerite Lominy, and his grandmother, Marie Lamercie-Lefebvre, Thursday at the Longueuil courthouse. At the request of the defense, the judge ordered that he undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Michael Lominy, 30, appeared very briefly by videoconference. He spoke at certain times without those present being able to understand what he was saying.

On request from his lawyer, Mr. Rémi Quintal, Mr. Lominy will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine his ability to appear and understand the legal proceedings.

The judge ordered that the accused, considered dangerous and known to police circles, remains in detention at the Institute's infirmary of forensic psychiatry Philippe-Pinel in order to receive care until his next appearance on Tuesday, October 3.

We hope that the evaluation will enlighten us to determine whether there were already existing diagnoses. We hope to have all the information that is necessary.

A quote from Mr. Rémi Quintal, defense lawyer

The Crown prosecutor in this case, Me Erin Kavanaugh, did not oppose the defense requests. If we [i.e. the Crown or defense lawyers, Editor's note] doubt the gentleman's ability to fully understand the proceedings being brought against him, such a request is usually made. in court, Mr. Kavanaugh explained to the media.

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The police arrested the suspect who was present in the accommodation when they arrived on site. (Archive photo)

Michael Lominy was arrested by police officers from the Longueuil agglomeration police department Wednesday morning in a home from Boulevard des Ormeaux, in Longueuil. At the scene, the bodies of Marguerite Lominy, 67, and Marie Lamercie-Lefebvre, 84, were discovered lifeless.

Members of the family of the suspect and the victims, visibly upset, were present during the appearance and did not answer journalists' questions.

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