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Murders in Wendake: $2.5M lawsuit against the DPJ of the National Capital

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By pursuing the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, Émilie Arsenault is leading “the fight of her life”.

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After denouncing the inaction of the Youth Protection Directorate (DPJ), the mother of the two young children killed in October 2020 in Wendake is demanding compensation. In a lawsuit filed Thursday at the Quebec courthouse, Émilie Arsenault is suing the DPJ of the Capitale-Nationale for a sum of $2.5 million.

Nearly two years ago, this bereaved mother sent a formal notice to the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale in which she denounced the willful blindness of the entire system.

Three reports, the first made by a police officer, the second by a social worker, the last by the mother herself, were were sent to the DPJ to denounce the dangerousness of the father of the children. These reports were made between May 31, 2018 and January 10, 2020. None of them were upheld. The irreparable was committed by Michaël Chicoine in October 2020.

I no longer believe in our protection system. He failed to save my children. I no longer have confidence at all.

A quote from Émilie Arsenault, mother of Alex and Olivier

Over the past year, Émilie Arsenault has read the results of the various investigations carried out to understand what led to the tragedy. In light of the revelations from the investigations and without news from the DPJ, she is now pushing her approach further with a lawsuit that she is filing against the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale.

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The DPJ must [be held accountable]. No one has admitted their wrongdoing or said publicly that they did not act in this matter. There are no consequences, says the grieving mother, who is seeking $2.5 million, including $400,000 requested by the children's maternal grandparents.

< table class="w-full border-separate rounded" summary="Punitive damages: $1 million Other damages: (suffering, pain and loss of income): $1.6 million The amounts claimed would be distributed as follows: $400,000 for the maternal grandparents and $2.1 million for the mother.">

Damage Amount< /th> Punitive damages 1 M $ Other damage (suffering, pain and loss of income) 1.6 M $

The sums claimed would be distributed as follows: $400,000 for the maternal grandparents and $2.1 million for the mother.

Source: Introductory request for action for damages

Michaël Chicoine is currently serving a life sentence for having killed his two son, aged two and five.

No less than five investigations were carried out following the tragedy: two investigations by the Commission on Personal and Youth Rights (CDPDJ), an investigation requested by Minister Lionel Carmant, another investigation by the Sûreté du Quebec (SQ) and a last one by the Coroner's Office.

The CDPDJ notes that there were significant deviations from the standards planned for the stage of reception and processing of reports in the processing times of the last two reports.< /p>A quote from Extract from the request for damages

The conclusions of the investigation conducted by the CDPDJ show that the third report to the DPJ took two months to be processed.

During this report, Émilie Arsenault said she mentioned several times that the father represented a homicide risk against his children.

These fears became reality a little less than ten months later. Perhaps if there were consequences, stakeholders would act more quickly, believes Émilie Arsenault.

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Émilie Arsenault with her two children , Alex and Olivier, killed in October 2020 in Wendake.

Émilie Arsenault affirms that this pursuit constitutes the fight of her life to ensure that a situation like the one she experienced does not happen again.

Nearly one in ten children is the subject of a report to the DPJ in Quebec, according to the most recent report from this organization, and the number of reports has more than doubled in 25 years.

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