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Navigo Pass arrives on iPhone and Apple Watch

After years of discussions, the Navigo Pass on Apple is finally available. The opportunity to leave the famous card aside. to make room &agrav; your connected devices.

Looking for your transport card in your wallet or pocket quickly became embarrassing. Rest assured, it is now possible to opt for a much faster method. Yes you are not dreaming, the Navigo Pass has just arrived on your Apple connected devices on this day marked by strikes. You will be able to travel more easily in Paris and during the Olympics.

The Transilien network had confirmed in April 2024, through the AFP, the arrival of this alternative. Initially planned for the first quarter of 2024, it came into force today, Tuesday, May 21, 2024. More concretely, that ?does this mean? For iPhone owners, you no longer need to take out the card. nbsp;All you need to do is bring your device to validate the metro and RER gates. Another advantage, the Navigo Pass works with the Apple Watch. Be careful though, you cannot use the smartphone and the connected watch at the same time. But after adding or creating a transport ticket, you can, if you wish, transfer the data from one device to another. ; another.

To benefit from these services, simply go directly to the Apple Wallet application. Beforehand, the application must have been released for use. up to date via your iPhone running IOS 17.5 and you must also download the Ile-de-France Mobilités service. To add a card, it's very simple: once the application is open, you must press the + button located next to the map. at the top of your screen and select "transport card". You then just need to choose the title from a complete list that will be offered to you. Once this task is completed, you will be able to make the purchase directly from Apple Pay.Please note that it is also possible to validate your title with the mobile phone even if the latter ends up turned off and with little battery. For several years, the iPhone has had a reserve of energy specific to transport tickets.

We can therefore navigate throughout Ile-de-France, however there are limits. plan for subscriptions. The annual subscription or the Liberté + are not available on iPhone. Regarding reloading a title, you will need to go to the Apple Wallet application for titles that do not have to be reloaded. not transferring a customer account. However, for the most expensive subscriptions, you will have to go directly from the application of the Ile-de-France Mobilités network. You will also have to wait for the integration of regional tickets into the application since according to the latest news, they should not be unlocked before 2025. Finally, it is not possible to import a physical Navigo Pass already. agrave; existing with subscription. Today you will have to wait for your ticket to expire or you can purchase one digitally.

The two companies have not yet communicated. on the subject but the details of the announcements should not take long to arrive. arrive in the next few hours.

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