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Unistellar invents “smart binoculars”, gadget or revolution ?

© Unistellar

Unistellar is a Marseille brand known to astronomy enthusiasts for its very easy-to-use intelligent telescopes. If the brand's latest model has met with some success with an enthusiast audience, the firm wants to go even further and now offers “intelligent binoculars” called ENVISION.

For the moment the product is not marketed, Unistellar is calling on crowdfunding to develop its product . The binoculars are offered at an affordable price of $600, a nice discount compared to the $1000 expected when the final version of the product was released.

Why make intelligent binoculars ?

Laurent Marfisi, CEO of Unistellar, answered some of our questions on the sidelines of this unique launch. As he explained to us, the objective for the Marseille firm was to find a balance between a light, affordable and useful product both at night than daytime.”

In order to meet this triple objective, binoculars seemed obvious. Very concretely, this product looks from the outside like very classic binoculars. But inside, it's a real gem of technology. The augmented reality layer allows information to be added directly in front of the user's eyes.

“If you are hiking, the binoculars will be able to give you the name and altitude of the peaks around you, or even show you the path to follow”. With the help of a mobile application, it will also be possible to have more information about various locations.

“The binoculars will be able to guide us to a refuge, a water point or even give us information on the place where we are found.”

Once night falls, the game has only just begun

But Unistellar, faithful to its astronomical origins, does not forget the night sky. Indeed, these binoculars were also designed to observe the stars and in particular the Moon of which we can see “many details, it’is very moving”.

Unistellar invents “smart binoculars”, gadget or revolution ?

The Moon seen through Unistellar's Envision binoculars with intelligent annotations © Unistellar

Observing the night sky with this small device, which makes a small barely kilogram, is however very different from that of a telescope. “With binoculars we have a much wider view, we can look at star clusters, or constellations….

To easily share its experience, Unistellar has developed an interesting feature. The brand allows users to “fix” a point in space. You can then pass the binoculars to another person and a small vector will then guide them to the area of ​​the sky (or horizon) that you were observing.

For now, the launch of these connected binoculars is limited to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Unistellar is expected to make several announcements in the coming months to reveal the product's release date for the general public as well as other technical specifications.

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