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Netatmo: ALL bestsellers in the range are sold off on Black Friday (m&ecirc ;me the thermostat)

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As Black Friday begins, Amazon lifts the veil on excellent offers. The merchant is particularly interested in best-sellers in the tech category, which ensures you make significant savings on a wide range of premium items. Among the most relevant deals of the day, we find the Netatmo range of connected objects.

Amazon is offering several Netatmo references at low prices today, here is the list of offers in progress with associated prices.

  • Smart thermostat
  • Indoor camera
  • Outdoor camera
  • Smart video doorbell < /li>
  • Smart carbon monoxide detector

All flash sales on Netatmo are available at Amazon, it's here:

Netatmo ranks among the bestsellers every year during Black Friday on Amazon. This year should be no exception as the French startup's connected objects attract so many people. The public is waiting for November offers to equip their homes while saving money, so we expect that most of the brand's references will be out of stock by the end of the day. This should be the case for flagship items, notably the smart thermostat and the connected weather station.

Netatmo, connected objects of French origin

Netatmo is a French startup that has been around for many years now. Its success grew over time, so much so that it was immediately bought by the Legrand group. Since then, it has continued to evolve independently to innovate as best it can, where it can now count on the strength and means of a large company. In its range, the smart thermostat remains the most popular connected object since its release on the market.

More concretely, Netatmo's smart thermostat connects to your home's WiFi so that you can control it from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The dedicated application gives you the freedom to change the temperature remotely, but you can also manage it on site with the manual controls. Its main strong point is that it allows you to save energy.

Thus, this Netatmo thermostat is able to adapt to your lifestyle habits to set up a heating schedule. Thus, it heats your home only when it is necessary to bend down during the day or in the event of a prolonged absence. However, it does not leave you in the cold since it automatically raises the temperature before your return.

Simple and easy to use, Netatmo's connected thermostat can be installed by you in less than an hour if you put it on the wall. It also supports voice control using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in addition to the mobile app. We also highlight its neat and modern aesthetic which gives you the possibility of installing it in the space of your choice without it clashing with the rest of your decoration. No doubt, this little object fully deserves its best-seller status within the range.

Exclusive offers on Amazon

If Netatmo's connected thermostat attracts people, the same goes for the weather station. It is made of two modules, one is placed outside while the other remains inside to capture the air quality. There are also connected objects dedicated to the security of your home, in particular surveillance cameras or carbon monoxide detectors. What the whole range has in common is that it is easy to use, but also useful on a daily basis.

Currently, Amazon is the only one to offer such prices on Netatmo's connected range, it's the same thing every year. You will not find more advantageous prices elsewhere, which is why the public focuses on the merchant when looking for these references. This also justifies the stock shortages which are already close, they can occur at any time even if this edition lasts from November 17 to 24, because the available units are few.

With Amazon, all connected objects in the Netatmo range benefit from free and fast delivery. You receive the order within a few days, which ensures you are well on time if you plan to offer one of these items at Christmas. In addition, the official manufacturer's warranty accompanies each brand accessory from the retailer. On this side, everything is done so that you can place your orders with complete peace of mind – as long as you are fast enough, we remind you.

If necessary, you have until January 31, 2024 to return an order with Amazon. This includes the Netatmo range and the entire catalog of the online merchant, it's its way of helping you take advantage of the best prices to order your Christmas gifts straight away. It is true that the approach is becoming more and more common over the years, if only to save money. It's also a good way to avoid last-minute stress in crowded stores on the eve of the holidays. If you want to benefit from the most advantageous prices of the year, now is the time to do it, the first stock shortages will not take long.

The range from Netatmo comes with low prices on Amazon, it's here:

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