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Netflix, Disney+, Prime video: who cancels the most series?

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Who has never moaned about the cancellation of their favorite series? Streaming platforms now no longer have sentiment and are stopping productions that are not profitable enough. Is this phenomenon new? Not really, and television networks have been doing the same for many years.

To find out which services are canceling the most series, analysts from Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP+) and Luminate worked together in the framework of a fascinating study. They thus compared the behavior of the major streaming players and American television channels over the last three years.

A surprising ranking

A first observation emerges straight away, the cancellation rate of streaming platforms is a little higher than that of television channels: 12.2% compared to 10 .8%. Going into detail makes it even more interesting.

Indeed, it was Max, the HBO service that was the least patient. It has canceled 26.9% of its content over the last three years. There is an explanation for this: as part of its merger with Discovery last year, Warner Bros cleaned house and decided to stop a large number of programs deemed not profitable enough.

De For its part, Disney+ has also been quite radical in this area with a cancellation rate of 21.1%. Facing economic difficulties, the entertainment giant has decided to make savings.

Netflix is ​​ultimately much lower at 10.2%. Often at the heart of controversies for the cancellation of certain original creations, the streaming platform is ultimately not doing so badly.

But Prime Video and Apple TV+ are doing better (9 and 4.9% ). This is rather logical regarding the Apple brand's service. Indeed, the latter produces much fewer series than its rivals and it tends to give them a chance over time.

As a reminder, streaming platforms rely on fairly detailed statistics to decide on canceling a program. We know in particular that Netflix monitors the completion rate of a series. In short, it is the percentage of spectators who launched an original creation and watched it to the end. A series can therefore feature prominently in the platform's top 10, but if its completion rate is low, it could ultimately be canceled.

Are you surprised by the results of this study? Feel free to give your point of view in the comments.

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