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Netflix: this secret asset allows it to win the streaming war

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This is a significant first. For the first time in its history, Netflix will devote more than half of its spending this year to content produced internationally compared to its investment in the United States. In detail, this represents $7.9 billion out of a total of $15.4 billion, according to data from Ampere Analysis relayed by Variety.

While the strike has paralyzed Hollywood productions in 2023, the platform is further accelerating this trend. Thus, experts estimate that Netflix will reduce its expenses by 20% in North America over the next five years, while they will increase by 6% in Europe, and by 19%. in Central and South America.

A well-established strategy

Why does Netflix rely so much on these international productions? There are sometimes legal requirements. For example, France requires the entertainment giant to finance a certain number of films and series each year. In certain cases, an economic aspect also comes into play. Indeed, certain productions are less expensive to design while remaining of excellent quality.

The result is spectacular to say the least, since some of Netflix's biggest hits were created in Europe and Asia before touring the world: Arcane , Family Business, Squid Game, Lupin, Dark, La Casa de Papel, Suburra, Gomorrah

This is not the first time that we have highlighted this strategy of the streaming platform. In September 2020, Australian researchers from the Queensland University of Technology wanted to map this phenomenon. They already noted that more than half of the films and series were filmed outside the United States.

Amanda Lotz, one of the authors, then specified&nbsp ;:

Streaming services distributed over the Internet, such as Netflix, have completely transformed the entertainment landscape and the competitive domain in which free television operates, and have shaken up the principles of pay television. But the Netflix model has really changed the game. Previously, the main activity of channels like the BBC, ABC or NBC was centered on their country of origin, although these programs were sometimes available to audiences in many countries.

What do you think of this Netflix choice, and does it satisfy you as a subscriber?? Let us know in the comments.

What to remember:

  • For the first time in its history, Netflix will spend more on its international content than on that created in the United States
  • The trend will not that will increase in the coming years
  • This choice proves to be wise for the company

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