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Strike Tuesday March 19 in schools, colleges and high schools: a very sustained mobilization ?

The national education union organizations call on the entire teaching staff à strike on March 19.

The inter-union organization of education formed by FSU, UNSA Éeducation, SGEN-CFDT, CGT Educ'action, SUD & ;eacute;education calls on teachers of all levels "à the strike and mobilization by all means on March 19." Wage demands are at the heart of the profession's protests. As the press release indicates, the unions “note and condemn the absence of any perspective of general measures to increase remuneration in national education in a context of ;#39;inflation still sustained.

On this question of salaries, teachers believe that it is urgent to open negotiations without delay for improvement improve careers and take general measures for salaries, in particular by revaluing the index point, in a context of collapse of the level of remuneration of public officials. 

The FO union has made it known that it wants to “put schools, colleges and high schools up to speed” stopping for a week would be a real way to create a balance of power in our favor" during this strike movement, as indicated by France 3. The mobilizations of Tuesday March 19 could be similar to those of the previous strikes. those already there in force in colleges, as indicated by Lib&eac;ration. The latter specifies that since Monday March 11, operations & ;quot;college death" have already take place in several cities in France. These actions consist of à ask parents to keep their children à at home although teachers are present in the establishments. On March 19, demonstrations could also take place throughout the country.&nbsp ;

The mobilization of National Education also aims to protest against the government's reforms, in particular that of the level groups proposed by Gabriel Attal when he proposed was still Minister of Education. This reform has also inspired his slogan for the movement: "No to the clash of knowledge, yes to the clash of wages !". As relayed by Actu.fr, the SUD-éeducation union detailed the demands of the different levels of national education. For high schools, the union demands "the repeal of the the form of the general and technological high school, the return of the baccalaureate to final and anonymous tests, the repeal of the Parcoursup, the opening of a sufficient number of places in higher education to allow baccalaureate graduates to enroll in the sector of their choice.

Same thing for colleges, SUD-éeducation believes that it is urgent to "lower the number of ;#39;éstudents per class, recruit teaching staff, AESH, AED,…" as well as "funding options to expand the training offering in all colleges". As specified in the press release; of the inter-union, the cancellation of 700 million euros for the national education budget is particularly serious. “really alarming in view of the needs”. This decision recently announced by the government was   very poorly received by the profession.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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