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Four women run this well-known French newspaper

Edwy Plenel takes over as president and editorial director of Mediapart. Carine Couteau, a journalist at the house for 16 years, takes the helm of the famous online investigative newspaper.

It's now official, Edwy Plenel, 71, one of the four co-founders of the online newspaper Mediapart, is giving up his place as president and director of the publication &agrav; Carine Fouteau, 49 years old, loyal from the start. Arriving at Mediapart in 2008, she covered migration, hospitality and discrimination issues for ten years. She also carries out numerous reports in Ukraine and Seine-Saint-Denis, notably during the 2012 presidential election. A page is being turned at the famous investigative newspaper.

Four women à the head of Mediapart

Carine Fouteau will not be alone in this new mission. She will be surrounded in particular by women. Because it is a specificity; at Mediapart, the media will now be directed only by women. Today released of any private shareholder after the creation of the Fund for a Free Press (FPL), Mediapart sees Carine Fouteau chair it from 2022, while contributing regularly in the newspaper.

In 2023, co-founder Marie-Hélène Smiejan handed over the general management of Mediapart to the CEO. Cécile Sourd. "Today she chairs the moral guarantor of our entire edifice, the Association for the Right to Know (ADS) of which the co-founders are ex officio members as well that Martine Orange, who chaired our Company; of employees" specifies Edwy Plenel. Now, four women are at work. the head of the media: Carine Fouteau, president, Cécile Sourd, general director, Lénaé iuml;g Redoux and Valentine Oberti, editorial co-directors for a year.

"This éequalityé of rights is an irreplaceable compassçable"

With this new direction, Médiapart intends to be part of a new dynamic and play a role "in the #MeToo" revolution. as Edwy Plenel explains: "In all latitudes and under all regimes, the cause of women trumps the question of equality' up to 'à its point of incandescence, by rejecting any supposedly natural hierarchy, based on sex or gender. In our worried and uncertain times, this equality is important. Rights is an irreplaceable compass that brings together issues of domestic policy and current affairs. international. Mediapart claims this like all those who demand emancipation, refusing to be assigned to ; residence by chance of birth, condition, origin, gender, etc. he explains.

The logical choice of an "emblematic" from the house

To replace Edwy Plenel, the choice of Carine Fouteau was obvious. logically in the corridors of the Mediapart editorial team. The latter is judged to be "emblematic", capable of uniting, inspiring, and leading the whole # 39;&eac;team with as much kindness as rigor" praises the former publication director of the online newspaper. A witness passage mentioned in this article since 2015 but which turned out to be more delicate than expected put in place, and above all longer, as he embodied the media thanks to his aura, his personality and his famous mustache. Although she is unknown to the general public, Carine Fouteau is extremely respected internally.

This nomination also echoes the a singularity clean &agrav; Médiapart: the press company does not have any non-journalists on staff. his head, as is the case in the majority of people. media. The newspaper also requires in its statutes that the president of his company The editor also takes charge of the publication, and he is a journalist. Concerning the editorial line, it should not change under the leadership of Carine Fouteau who intends to continue the defense of “committed journalism” but not militant" can we read in Le Monde. “Whether it's the Bettencourt affair in 2010, the Cahuzac affair in 2012 or even our work before and after the #metoo movement , Mediapart showedé its usefulness" she concludes.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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