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Why your eyes will say thank you to the new PS5 update

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When you turn your PS5 back on today, you will probably be greeted by a message announcing the availability of a new system update. Indeed, since yesterday (March 13, 2024), the deployment of the latest PS5 system software update has started worldwide. After the very notable releases of Helldivers 2 and more recently Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the PS5 is getting a little refresh, with some welcome features.

The PS5 goes to version 9.0

Since its launch at the end of 2020, the PS5 (just like the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series) has evolved, software speaking, through numerous system updates. Unlike Microsoft, whose dashboard evolves regularly (sometimes completely transformed), we play the card of continuity at Sony, with simply improvements made here and there.

The brand new 9.0 update allows the DualSense controller to receive some improvements. Thus, in addition to a higher sound level on the speaker side, the microphone capture quality has also been improved, using a new machine learning model. Remember that the update of the DualSense controller must be carried out independently of the PS5 update.

Why your eyes will say thank you to the new PS5 update

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Added to this is the arrival of cursors and emojis to interact with the host's gaming session during a screen sharing session . Viewers can send reactions in the form of emojis to the host's screen to provide visual encouragement and praise for their in-game actions.

Finally, a few months ago, Sony (finally!) allowed players to reduce the sound of the console's startup beep, or even eliminate it completely. With this new update, Sony is allowing gamers to adjust the brightness of their PS5 console's power indicator. You can therefore reduce the brightness by two notches if you wish. A very practical option for those who were bothered by the blue light emitted by their console.

To do this, simply go to [Settings], then [System], [Sound and light], before selecting the [Brightness] option and adjusting it to your liking. Practical.

Why your eyes will say thank you to the new PS5 update

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The update is also accompanied by many other more minor optimizations, particularly regarding certain texts. Note to conclude that the first extinction of the PS5, following this update, risks surprising more than one.

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