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Vision Pro: the French launch would be close, according to these new clues

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The launch of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset is a real revolution for the Apple ecosystem. But for the moment, this revolution is still limited to the United States. In fact, the headset is still only sold on Apple's domestic market, at a price of 3,499 euros. However, everything suggests that Apple is preparing to launch the Vision Pro in other countries, including France. In an article published this week, the MacRumors site indicates that it was able to analyze elements of code suggesting that Apple is preparing the launch of Vision Pro in 9 countries.

Apple is reportedly preparing an AZERTY keyboard for the Vision Pro

Currently, as Apple's mixed reality headset is only offered in the United States, it is not only supports English (US) keyboard. However, according to MacRumors' discovery, the following keyboard layouts are in development:

  • Cantonese, traditional
  • Simplified Chinese
  • English (Australia)
  • English (Canada)
  • English (Japan)
  • English (Singapore)
  • English United Kingdom)
  • French (Canada)
  • France (France)
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean

These are the minimum changes that Apple must make to its product in order to launch the Vision Pro in other countries. Note, moreover, that according to MacRumors, Apple has already mentioned the international launch of the Vision Pro, but without giving a precise timetable.

A way to stimulate demand

In any case, Apple has an interest in offering its Vision Pro headset as quickly as possible in other countries . According to a publication by analyst Ming Chi Kuo, after experiencing a stock shortage upon its launch in the United States, demand for the Vision Pro quickly declined. According to Kuo, sales growth in the United States should be limited unless Apple offers new applications, or if it offers a price reduction.

For stimulate demand, Apple could therefore start marketing its Vision Pro headset in other countries. “Due to limited demand growth in the US market, it is favorable to advance the global release schedule when supply improves. Actual release time will depend on Apple's software change schedule to comply with other countries' regulations,” wrote Kuo.

He therefore maintains his previous preaching: Apple should launch the Vision Pro headset in other countries before the WWDC conference in June. In addition, Kuo indicates that Apple suppliers have increased their production. This increase in production would be an adaptation to the stock shortage during the American launch, but also an anticipation of the global launch of the Vision Pro.

  • At the moment, the Vision Pro headset is only sold in the United States
  • But the launch of this product in other countries, including France, is increasingly likely
  • According to MacRumors, Apple is in the process of modifying its d& #8217;exploit for the keyboard to support French (and other languages)
  • Previously, analyst Ming Chi Kuo also indicated that Apple should bring forward the international launch of the Vision Pro in order to stimulate demand (which is stabilizing in the United States)

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