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Netflix: what to expect from season 6 of “Formula 1: Drivers of Their Destiny” ?

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This Friday February 23, 2024, Netflix is ​​back at it again. Take out your helmet and get ready to hit the gas, season 6 of Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny (or Drive to survive for VO enthusiasts) arrives on the famous platform of streaming.

We're starting to get used to it: a new year marks a new year of the hugely popular documentary series Formula 1: Pilots of Their Destiny on Netflix. Every year, the platform goes behind the scenes of the F1 world championship that has just ended. Head to the paddocks to discover the best (and worst) moments that marked the year 2023 for Formula 1 fans.

But what should we expect for this new season ? We take stock of season 6 of Formula 1 : Drivers of their destiny.

Max Verstappen absent subscribers

Whether we like it or not, Max Verstappen's talent is undeniable. The Dutch racing driver marked this 2023 season with 19 victories to his credit (out of 22), to the delight of his team, Red Bull Racing. Triple Formula 1 world champion, Max Verstappen will not appear in season 6 of Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny.

The pilot played along at first. But he quickly criticized the platform for romanticizing the championship too much and fueling rivalries that don't exist, which pushed him not to want to be interviewed in season 4. But he finally agreed to return briefly to the fifth season after discussing with Netflix. It seems that the last burst of episodes did not allow him to reconcile with the platform. So, according to the trailer and posters, Max Verstappen will not be in season 6 of Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny. A notable absence given the place of the driving ace in the Formula 1 landscape.

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Clues to Hamilton's departure?

This is the announcement that has shocked F1 fans in recent weeks: after 11 years at Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton will join Scuderia Ferrari alongside Charles Leclerc from 2025. We imagine that this decision will not was not taken lightly and is the result of long negotiations and discussions. Thus, it is likely that this season 6 of Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny offers us some glimpses suggesting the departure of Lewis Hamilton…< /p>

Last lap for Günther Steiner

For a decade, Günther Steiner was the team principalof the Haas team. Became an emblematic figure in the paddock thanks to Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny left Haas the month after his contract with the team was not renewed .

This decision comes after a more than disappointing 2023 season for Haas, which finished in last place in the constructors' standings. Thus, this season 6 of Formula 1: Drivers of their destiny will be the last in which Günther Steiner appears at the head of Haas. For the moment, we do not know if we will see him again at the head of a Formula 1 team.

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