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New Toyota C-HR&nbsp ;: an ever more radical design, photos of the compact SUV

A big success for the Japanese brand, the C-HR is preparing to take off. live its second life with its new version unveiled at the end of June. To stay at home At the forefront, Toyota has chosen to reinforce the futuristic design of its small SUV without forgetting to take care of its high-tech equipment.

At Toyota, the C-HR is one of the great successes. Launched In 2016, its compact SUV was launched. elapsed à more than 700,000 copies in Europe. Suffice it to say that its second version, unveiled at the beginning of summer, represents an important challenge for the Japanese brand whose establishment on the old continent is in constant progress. For this second opus, the Japanese manufacturer did not do things the right way. half, still playing at background the map of the quirky design. He didn't skimp on anything either. on new developments, to stay in the game and cope with new challenges. long-toothed competition in a segment that is still very sought after. 

The new Toyota C-HR in images

What's new in the new Toyota C-HR

In 2016, the release of the Toyota C-HR shocked everyone. by its original design. Seven years later, the manufacturer remained in business. faithful to his course of action. It must be said that the commercial success of its small SUV has certainly encouraged it. à persist on this path. The C-HR II is still as sharp, a visual impression undoubtedly reinforced by the two-tone color (yellow and black or gray and black) of its launch model. Beyond With its protruding lines, the Coupé-High Rider (acronym for C-HR) presents a hyper-aggressive front with its grille as wide as it is pointed. One side massive barely mitigated by the finesse of the front lights designed in the shape of a C.

New Toyota C-HR: an ever more radical design, photos of the compact SUV< /p> ©  TOYOTA

A little less long, 3 centimeters (4m36), the new C-HR has become wider (1m83 compared to 1m80) for an identical height (1m56), comparable to that of the C-HR. that of the Peugeot 2008 (1m55). Its flush handles – a first in the history of the brand – give the SUV an even more aerodynamic profile, as does the inclination of the rear roof spoiler. The Ferris wheels, up to 20 inches, reinforce the muscular framework of the Japanese crossover. At the rear, the writing "TOYOTA C-HR", in the center of the tailgate, lights up brightly. opening and closing closing the vehicle.

New Toyota C-HR  : an ever more radical design, photos of the compact SUV


Inside, there is also something new. Already, to enter the SUV, the driver will be equipped with a with a key digital on his phone dedicated to when opening the doors and starting the engine. Behind the wheel, everything is bigger. The new 12.3-inch meter (depending on finish) is 100% digital. The multimedia system is displayed on a panel of the same size, or smaller (8 inches), always depending on the finish chosen. The gear lever has also changed, the C-HR now has the same one as on the Prius.

New Toyota C-HR: an ever more radical design, photos of the compact SUV


In terms of finishes, everything is not perfect in the cabin. But as the manufacturer points out, Toyota used "twice as many plastics recycled" to equip your interior, a strategy to be used welcome from an ecological point of view but which comes at the expense of more high-end materials. In terms of comfort, if the driver is rather pampered; With modern technology, it's hard to say the same about the rear passengers. If the size of the windows has been somewhat altered, enlarged, the vision remains quite reduced, as does the space to settle down – cut form. of the SUV obliges -, all giving a slight feeling of oppression.

The engine of the new Toyota C-HR

Toyota remains at; is investing heavily in the electrification of its vehicles and is offering four hybrid engines exclusively for its new small SUV. Blocks 1.8 of 122 ch and 2.0 of 184 ch of the first opus were released. replaced by engines of the same displacement but developing a little more power, respectively 140 horsepower at entry level and 200 horsepower. The 200 hp version is also available in 4-wheel drive thanks to the addition of a second engine at the rear axle. Finally, as with the Prius 5 also revealed at the start of this summer, the C-HR II can be powered by a 220 hp plug-in hybrid engine. The lithium-ion battery, with a capacity of of 13.8 kWh rechargeable in its entirety in 2h30 on a mains socket, should allow the SUV to travel nearly 70 kilometers fully electric according to the manufacturer.

What release date for the new Toyota C-HR&nbsp ;?

Produced in Turkey, the compact SUV from the Japanese manufacturer is open to customers. pre-reservation since July for the two launch finishes (GR Sport Première Edition and Collection Première Edition). Its marketing is expected at a later date. The end of the year and the first deliveries should be made at the beginning of 2024.

At what price will the new Toyota C-HR be sold?

As most manufacturers do, Toyota has not communicated this. on prices during the presentation of its new model. If today the entry level of the restyled Toyota C-HR in 2019 is available at From 32,750 euros, you should expect to pay more. a certain increase in prices taking into account the new features brought to the table; the new version. You will probably need to spend at least 35,000 euros to get your hands on the small Japanese SUV.

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