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Renault R5: the

RENAULT 5. The diamond brand has benefited from of the 2023 Roland-Garros edition to unveil the eponymous special series of the R5, expected next year. Enough to discover a little more about the highly anticipated Renault electric city car.

It is within the framework of the French Open tennis tournament that Renault presented, on May 28, 2023, a special Roland-Garros series of the electric R5 that the diamond brand should marketed in the second half of the year 2024. A model announced à 95% true to date the production version, which allows us to discover a little more about the contours of the future R5, called to be released. become the new queen of electric city cars at Renault. in a vast electrical program with the marketing of six models grouped together in a new entity. of the diamond brand, Ampère, by 2030. The famous R5, highly anticipated, will be completely modernized thanks to the design work of François Leboine.

< p>For Luca Di Meo, boss of Renault, "the objective with this R5 is to make it the only electric city car in the range with a base price below €20,000 (excluding bonuses). The R5 will be manufactured in France in the Douai factory and must take over from the Renault Twingo and even the Renault Zoe, the brand's first electric star, launched on the market in 2013.

Photos of the electric Renault R5

Renault revealed at the start of 2021 the first images of its electric R5 concept.

What is the information to know? know about the new electric R5?

Launched in 1972, the R5 remains recognizable almost 50 years later by its characteristic features. The city car will remain very compact with a big touch of modernity. "The design of Renault 5 Prototype is inspired by a cult model from our heritage. This model simply embodies modernity, a vehicle anchored in technology. in its time: urban, electric, charming" explains Gilles Vidal, director of Renault design since 2020 and former head of design at Peugeot who had already caused a sensation with its neo-retro model presented in at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, the Peugeot e-Legend.

  • During the presentation in May 2023 of the special Roland-Garros series, the R5 abandoned the competition. her yellow dress in which she had been unveiled in 2021 to be covered in a satin white metallic shade. similar to that of the show car of the future Alpine A290 revealed a few weeks earlier. A more sober color that we will therefore find on the color chart of the future electric city car.
  • This special Roland-Garros edition, surprisingly unveiled even before the marketing of the first models of the classic range of the New R5, presents some other small changes compared to the prototype revealed in 2021. This is particularly the case on the fine side grilles positioned on the front doors whose patterns will evoke the Cross of Saint Andrew, one of the symbols of the Roland-Garros stadium. On these grids, the number 5 gives way to the logo of the French Open. On the rims, a shiny blue finish provides a touch of quite classy contrast.

Renault R5: the electric city car reveals itself a little more. Photos, prices and information


  • On the model presented two years ago, we already had We were able to discover that the front of the vehicle transported us to a futuristic era with a light signature which gives a quite original 3D effect. The air intake on the hood will hide the charging hatch, the rear lights will also integrate aerodynamic deflectors, enough to give a real cure for modernity. This Renault R5 from the 21st century!
  • The nods to the 21st century Renault R5! the original R5 are numerous. From the side grille to the wheels and the rear trunk, R5 fans will be delighted by admiring the flat hood, the roof line and the straight, inclined tailgate.
  • We will also note the French flag present on the rear-view mirrors, a wink that we were more used to seeing on the latest Peugeot concepts.. ..
  • Gilles Le Borgne confided: à Argus that he was studying other chemistries and that the battery pack, the cooling system… will be optimized as much as possible
  • This electric R5 concept is part of a vast product plan presented by Renault. The brand aims to launch 14 models by 2030, including 6 all-electric models. The R5 will be part of it.

What will the price of the new Renault R5 be?

Renault has not announced no price at the moment but by looking at the product plan presented, we can assume that the R5 will arrive to replace the Zoe; in the small electric city car segment. Initially, to compete with the electric Fiat 500, Honda E or electric Mini, the objective of the diamond brand was to sell this new-look electric R5 at high prices. 20,000 euros. But the situation has apparently changed; lately, and it could be that the entry price of the city car significantly exceeds…25,000 euros. 

What will be the release date of the Renault R5 electric?

If Renault has revealed its plan to release six electric models by 2030, the Argus announces that the launch of the future electric R5, on which the brand is banking heavily, should take place à end of summer 2024. And, good news for the group's French factories, this R5 will be assembled in France, with assembly planned for next year. the Douai factory. The electric motor, the 6AK, will be made by the manufacturer. à Cleon, in Normandy.

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