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New York deploys its Robocop, but it's much less stylish than you think imagine it

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At the beginning of the summer, in Singapore, the local police presented their new recruits, robots deployed at Changi Airport. Connected to the central office and providing valuable assistance to human police officers, these robots patrol large halls, and are capable of blocking passage in sensitive areas and delivering messages to users using their loudspeakers. integrated and the screens they have… Recently, the city of New York presented Knightscope K5.

Robocop is (almost) a reality in New York

Indeed, it was the mayor of the American city, Eric Adam, who made a point of presenting this new NYPD recruit in person. This is a brand new police robot, which will not be responsible for roaming the streets in a vehicle to track down the local underworld, but which will rather travel through certain stations, between midnight and six a.m.

In terms of looks, we have to admit that we are closer here to the robotic Barbapapa than to Robocop or even to its great rival the ED-209 robot. The Knightscope K5 weighs no less than 180 kg, and its objective is essentially to film its environment, in order to allow the police to use the images in the event of an incident.

Eric Adam also explains that the Knightscope K5 has a button to immediately connect to an officer, which New Yorkers can use 24/7 to ask questions, concerns or report an incident if necessary. No artificial intelligence to report here, no facial recognition either, the Knightscope K5 is not even capable of recording the slightest sound.

In terms of price, the Knightscope K5 is at its manufacturer by the city of New York at a rate of 9 dollars/hour. Finally, don't expect to see the Knightscope K5 chasing chases in the corridors of the metro, since the latter's top speed is set at 4.8 km/h.

And for everyone those who still remember the heyday of Robocop (the real one), let's remember that a brand new video game will arrive on November 2 on our consoles and PC, with a certain Rogue City. The complete test will obviously be found in the pages of Presse-citron.

  • The NYPD has a new recruit: Knightscope K5
  • This is a robot that will patrol the metro at night
  • Look-wise (and functionalities), we are closer to Barbapapa than Robocop

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