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Here are the breathtaking images of the first concert (U2) in the incredible Sphere of Las Vegas

© Ross Stewart/U2

This Friday, September 29, the Irish group U2 inaugurated the brand new futuristic performance hall installed in Las Vegas: The Sphere. This is a new generation auditorium capable of accommodating more than 18,000 spectators, which promises new video and audio possibilities, including an enveloping interior resolution of 16K via a giant spherical LED screen , speakers with Beamforming technologies and other 4D physical effects. The Sphere at The Venetian Resort (its official name) is a completely CRAZY performance venue, the video proves it.

The Sphere: a completely crazy premiere with the group U2

Concert fans, forget everything you have experienced so far. With The Sphere, the city of Las Vegas offers a futuristic concert hall, equipped with the largest (fully programmable) LED screen in the world, with the possibility of displaying images inside of course… but also outside! Also, since its opening in July, the sphere has been able to display an imposing terrestrial globe, but also a worrying eye to say the least, a basketball, a small emoji displaying various reactions throughout the day…

This weekend is the Irish group U2 who were able to inaugurate the interior of this same The Sphere, with an extraordinary concert. Spectators were able to enjoy a unique show, with numerous images projected on the giant screen covering a huge part of the stage, going from floor to ceiling. The different effects are already (very) impressive, as evidenced by the videos below, with many shares on X (Twitter) and other TikToks.

https: //twitter.com/whatsinside/status/1708075203585323126?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Beyond its “visual< side /em>“, The Sphere also offers ultra-immersive audio rendering, with no less than 170,000 speakers scattered behind the LED panels, the latter in no way obstructing the sound.

Also, 10,000 seats are equipped with haptic feedback , in order to better “feel” music.


According to Bloomberg, the project would have cost no less than $2.3 billion… to which energy consumption should be added.

On this subject, The Sphere< /em> could consume nearly 95 MWh each year, the equivalent of the annual consumption of a town of 20,000 families. Note that in addition to concerts and other shows, The Sphere should soon be used to broadcast… advertising. Indeed, widely visible from the famous strip and from many hotel rooms, the sphere will also serve as a new generation advertising panel.

  • The U2 group gave a first concert in The Sphere venue in Las Vegas
  • A new generation complex, equipped with thousands of LED panels (inside and outside), high- speakers, haptic seats…
  • An energy chasm which will also act as… billboard

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