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These 3 Google services will disappear in 2024: get out the tissues (or not)

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  • Google Podcasts, Gmail HTML and Jamboard Google will join the long list of services killed by Google
  • The firm wants to direct the audience from podcasts on Android to the YouTube Music application
  • Gmail HTML, which is a lighter version, may no longer be relevant in 2023

< p>During its 25 years of existence, Google has developed many services, but it has also killed many. And as we approach the end of 2023, we already have a (provisional) list of the firm's services which will disappear in 2024.
This is Google Podcast, the “version HTML” from Gmail and Jamboard. The end of these services, scheduled for next year, has already been announced by the firm.

1 – Google Podcast

For a long time, podcasts were especially popular among iPhone users, thanks to the application dedicated to this format which is pre-installed on iOS. But, in 2018, Google launched its Google Podcasts application so that the popularity of podcasts on Android is comparable to that which this type of content has on iPhone. But 5 years after launching this app, Google announces its closure in 2024.

This decision may be surprising, as Google Podcasts is not a flop at all (unlike other apps that were shut down because they weren't very popular). However, Google now wants to centralize listening to podcasts on Android on the YouTube Music application. And for this to happen, it needs to close Google Podcasts so as not to have duplicates.

“Looking ahead to 2024, we will increase our investments in the podcast experience on YouTube Music, making it a better overall destination for fans and podcasters with YouTube-only features in community, discovery and audio-visual switching. Later in 2024, as part of this process, we will abandon Google Podcasts”, the firm announced.

2 -Gmail HTML

While offering new features for Gmail, Google offers a simplified and lighter version of this service: the HTML version of Gmail. Although this version does not have all the features, it allows you to use Gmail on old machines, on slow connections, or on old browsers that do not support new web standards.

Unfortunately, or not, this HTML version of Gmail will disappear. “You can display Gmail in your browser in simplified HTML mode until January 2024. After this date, Gmail will automatically switch to standard display”, we can read in a help page from the firm.

This page does not give explanations. But it is very likely that in 2023, Google believes that we can do without Gmail HTML. Or, it is possible that Google has observed a drop in the use of this version.

3 – Jamboard

You may have never heard of Jamboard. This is a virtual whiteboard application, and a device that can use this app, that Google offers through its Workspace offering for businesses and schools. Recently, the firm announced the end of this application on September 30, 2024. As for Jamboard devices, they will no longer receive security updates from October 1.

In fact, instead of offering its application, Google decided to focus on integrating third-party services such as FigJam, Lucidspark and Miro on Workspace. In addition, the firm has decided that instead of offering its own hardware for virtual whiteboards, it will instead direct its customers towards third-party devices.

Bonus. Third-party cookies on Chrome

As a reminder, third-party cookies are cookies that allow advertisers to track the activities of an Internet user from one website to another, generally for advertising purposes. This technology does not belong to Google. However, the end of support for it by Chrome will mechanically hasten its end.

In order to no longer use this controversial technology, the Mountain View firm is developing an alternative that is more respectful of privacy. (no more individual tracking), as part of its Privacy Sandbox project. This alternative is already being tested with some Chrome users. And its objective is to depreciate third-party cookies from the second half of 2024.

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