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Nintendo Switch 2: a release date is confirmed for the “new Switch”

Seven years after the release of its famous Nintendo Switch, the Japanese firm has confirmed the presentation of a new console soon. With a name, Nintendo Switch 2, and a date…

This is news that has not been missed. to awaken fans of video games and the famous Japanese company. The president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, has just announced that the firm's next console will be presented at the end of this year 2024. But according to the rumors, we should not expect anything to happen. a release before March 2025.

It is more precisely on his account X that the president spoke. Generally, his speeches are rare, but they are enough to help him. announce the color. This Tuesday morning, it was indeed a new console that was released. announced and it should be presented during the fiscal year at the end of the year 2024. Be careful all the same Likewise, the presentation will not take place during the Nintendo Direct, specifies Shuntaro Furukawa. 

A Nintendo Switch 2 ?

There have been rumors in recent years surrounding a new Nintendo console. They started      spread around a Nintendo Switch Pro which would later become the Nintendo Switch Oled. But in recent months, they have turned more towards a name "Nintendo Switch 2". The President & silences all the rumors this Tuesday morning: it will indeed be the Nintendo Switch 2. It also indicates that the announcement will take place during its event. end of year event which will present the tax results for the year 2023-2024. 

This Tuesday Nintendo announced a record net profit of 490.6 billion yen for its fiscal year. at the end of March, an increase of 13.4% in one year. Its annual operating profit was 100%. he progresses by 4.9% & 528.9 billion yen and its sales of 4.4%   1,671.9 billion yen. However, it expects for the year 2024-2025  à a drop of almost 40% in its net profit, and a 20% decline in its turnover.

While waiting for the official announcement of this new console, an event in June should attract the attention of the brand's consumers. The Nintendo Direct will focus solely on announcements concerning video games that will be released on its current console. 

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