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No more turbulence on planes: this technology will change everything

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It's the nightmare of air travel regulars. Turbulence can seriously disrupt a plane journey, and in some cases cause serious fright among passengers. Faced with this scourge, an Austrian company has just presented a technology that could radically change everything.

An impressive device

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The Turbulence Solutions company claims to have designed a system that almost completely eliminates this inconvenience. How does this device work? Concretely, a computer connected to a probe placed on the wing of the aircraft manages to identify turbulence. This data is sifted through a 'turbulence suppression program' which is able to adjust the aircraft's control surfaces to counter them in milliseconds.

There remains a major question: is this system not likely to hinder the pilot? The answer is no according to the company, which affirms that this device can be canceled at any time and that it does not interfere with flight controls.

The Austrian company specifies that its innovation makes it possible to reduce the turbulence felt by passengers by 80%, which is considerable. Be careful not to get too carried away, however. As our colleagues from TheDrive.com rightly point out, there is a difference between successful demonstration flights and achieving large-scale deployment of such technology. This stage should therefore take several more years.

The turbulence amplified by climate change

This nonetheless remains impressive and promising. Airlines and manufacturers will surely look closely at this system, especially as the phenomenon of turbulence is expected to increase further thanks to climate change.

In a study published this year, scientists from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom found that these have increased by 50% in 40 years. Their duration should also tend to increase. According to France Info, if we experience on average ten minutes of turbulence today on a Paris-New York journey, it could be between 20 and 30 minutes in 2050.

Our colleagues explain that global warming climate is to blame. Indeed, “Turbulence occurs when two currents of air, of different speed, heat, and direction, meet”, specifies the public media.

< p>What you need to remember:

  • An Austrian company has developed a system against airplane turbulence
  • It would reduce these nuisances by 80% according to several tests
  • It will still be several years before it is deployed on a larger scale

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