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No suspension of camp dismantling in Edmonton: an 8th is underway

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Eight homeless encampments were dismantled between December 29 and January 3, during a series of interventions by the City and the Edmonton Police Service.

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The dismantling of the eighth and final homeless encampment subject to an emergency injunction began Tuesday morning in Edmonton.

Despite a legal challenge filed by the Coalition for Justice and Human Rights, the encampment located at the corner of 95 Street and Rowland Road in the Boyle Street area, is being evacuated by the Edmonton Police Service (EPS).

Some occupants of the encampment huddled around a fire and refused to leave when police began patrolling the encampment area.

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On Tuesday, an Edmonton encampment resident who refused to leave closed his eyes and chanted: “We stay in place [and] we will be as peaceful as possible. Be open to us and listen to our prayers. »

The Coalition for Justice and Human Rights, an organization that defends the rights of people in situations of difficulty ;homelessness, failed in its most recent attempt to stop the dismantling of encampments on Tuesday. The group alleges that the City and the EPS did not comply with the court injunction during the evacuation operations of the camps.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">According to the group, municipal authorities did not ensure that there were enough accommodation places to accommodate people evicted from the camps. The coalition also argues that the City relies on provincial estimates of Edmonton's capacity and that these reports do not accurately reflect the number of hospital beds. emergency available.

Chris Wiebe, a lawyer representing the coalition, told Radio-Canada/CBC that the judge had indeed rejected the request for a break presented by the group.

Instead, Judge Davidson decided to postpone any decision regarding the deportation policy until the coalition's initial injunction request […] is heard. and that a decision is rendered, he explains.

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