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New charges brought against Yan-Philippe Leduc, who remains detained

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Yan-Philippe Leduc, of Brossard, faces multiple assault charges. Two complainants went to the police in this case.

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Already accused of having tried to strangle Laury Choinière, his ex-spouse, Yan-Philippe Leduc, 27 years old, from Brossard, saw new charges brought against him, notably in connection with a second complainant.

The 27-year-old accused appeared at the Longueuil courthouse and his investigation into freedom was postponed until January 25.

The prosecutor in the case, Laurence Talissé, intends to oppose the release of Yan-Philippe Leduc, given the seriousness of the accusations brought against him.

In the case of Laury Choinière, a new charge of serious assault was added to those already weighed against Yan-Philippe Leduc.

In addition, a second complainant, Sabryna Germain, went to the police.

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In the case of the latter, Yan-Philippe Leduc is accused of multiple assaults causing bodily harm, as well as having strangled her.

The facts allegedly occurred on various occasions between July 1 and December 30, 2023.

It was also on December 30 that the first complainant, Laury Choinière, alleged that she had been severely beaten by Yan-Philippe Leduc, her ex-spouse. The 21-year-old young woman from Bromont still suffers from serious physical and psychological injuries and will have to be monitored in the coming weeks, among other things for eye injuries.

Laury Choinière had to be hospitalized for approximately 24 hours after being hit multiple times.

With information from Valérie-Micaela Bain

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