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Nobody knows about this hidden function of the electric window, but it makes driving easier

“No one knows about this hidden function of the electric window, but it makes driving easier”

Sometimes the electric window can become deprogrammed, making it impossible to lower or raise a window. There is a simple trick to correct the situation. Remember it for the next time this problem arises.

Since Carl Benz patented the first motorized vehicle In January 1886, the automobile underwent considerable development. Design, parts, functionality and bodywork, among others, have been improved. the most developed elements in recent years. The move from manual to electric window regulators is one of the most important changes in recent years.

Previously, the entirety of Some cars had manual windows and distracted driving was common. With technological advances, this problem has disappeared in new vehicle models. Most cars now come with electric window regulators which, at the press of a button, automatically raise or lower the window. It's quick, easy and effective.

Even if using the electric window regulator seems simple, it happens that this system becomes deprogrammed , especially when the car battery starts à weakens or is disconnected. The symptoms are often the same: either it is impossible to lower a window (which is annoying), or it is possible to lower it but not raise it (which is annoying). more annoying). What to do in this situation? There is a technique that few people know about, but which is very effective for reprogramming the electric window.

Just lower the window completely and keep the button pressed. for three seconds in the same direction. Then do the reverse: raise the window while keeping the button pressed. for another three seconds. After this “reset” trick, the system should work perfectly.

This method is valid for many car brands. If this doesn't work, check your vehicle's manual or search for solutions on specialist websites. This procedure is simple and quick, and it is not necessary to go to your mechanic. In a few seconds, you will be able to solve a problem that could have cost you dearly if you didn't know this tip.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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