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135 euros fine for this equipment, although it is authorized and very practical in summer

“135 euros fine for this equipment, although it is authorized and very practical in the summer”

Many motorists use this equipment on their car without knowing that they risk a large fine.

Caravans, boats, quads, jet-skis, bicycles…it is possible to transport a lot of things with just one car. But unlike suitcases that we put in the trunk, or on the roof in case of overflow when going on vacation, certain very heavy and bulky loads require transport. #39;ê be towed behind the vehicle. To succeed, nothing very complicated, the motorist must obtain a trailer hitch which he attaches to the vehicle. the back of his car so he can hang the object on it. tow thanks in particular to à the hitch ball. This equipment is obviously authorized for use. by law &agrav; condition of following certain rules of use, such as respecting a certain weight for the object to be used. pull according to the weight of the towing vehicle.

However, whether you are an expert or a novice when it comes to towing, there is one thing you should never forget to do or risk paying a high price. You may be thinking about removing the hitch ball after using it. If it can sometimes cause major damage during maneuvers (oops I forgot that it & #39; was there…"), nothing in fact obliges a driver to detach it after using it to tow a caravan or trailer. The problem is that the presence of the hitch ball at the rear the rear of the vehicle can still result in an infraction, an infraction of the which few motorists think about…

135 euros fine for this equipment, although it is authorized and very practical in summer

Placed where However, the tow ball can actually get in the way when trying to decipher the license plate. However, it is mandatory that the latter always be clearly readable, in particular so that law enforcement and radars can correctly identify a vehicle in the event of bad behavior on the road. It is therefore essential to always check the position of the tow ball before getting behind the wheel. If it obscures part of the registration plate attached to the vehicle, behind the car, then you risk a fine that you probably didn't see coming.

And the law is strict regarding license plates. If the authorities consider that an item hides one of its parts and is therefore unreadable, this may To be seen as an attempt to escape speed radars for example. The sanction is heavy: a fine of 135 euros which can be increased to 135 euros. 750 euros if you delay   pay. Think about it this summer if you ever planned to take part of your garage to your vacation home.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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