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These roads are the least dangerous in France, the figures are very surprising

Fatal accidents represent a small part of the problems on this type of road, contrary to what one might believe.

Every year, thousands of French people lose their lives on the roads of France. There were 3,170 deaths in 2023 according to figures provided by the National Interministerial Security Observatory. road. A figure down 3% compared to the previous year. 2022, just like that of the number of injured (-1.9%), estimated at 232,000. However, this remains high, far from the objective of “0 deaths on the roads”. fixed à the 2050 horizon by the European Union. Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, using the telephone, dangerous behavior remain the main causes of accidents Traffic. But, not all roads are equally accident-prone. Some are more often the scene of very serious accidents, while others are much less so.

As in all other countries, it is on the motorway network that you can drive the fastest in France. The speed limit is set at 130 kilometers/hour,   110 on certain portions, particularly when traffic is reduced to two lanes. With several tens of thousands of cars launched every day fast speed on highways – not to mention the intense traffic observed; during the summer -, one could easily believe that the number of fatal accidents is much higher on the well-known motorways A6, A10, A1, A7, A4 etc.

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And yet not at all. With 273 deaths recorded in 2023, deaths on motorways represent only 8.6% of people killed in accidents of traffic last year. It's actually on the axes whereù Motorists can drive the fastest so the risk of fatal accidents is lowest. Conversely, roads outside urban areas, mainly departmental and national roads, are those which cause the most victims, with 59% of deaths. observed (1881). Finally, in urban areas, where the speed is more limited, but where is it? traffic is the densest, 1016 people suffered a fatal accident, or 32% of the total deaths recorded on French roads in 2023.

In France, the network of motorway lanes exceeds 12,000 kilometers, of which more than three-quarters are have tolls. Around 30,000 vehicles use the motorways on average every day. Traffic peaks occur during school holidays, and particularly during the summer period. Several hundred thousand motorists parade on French motorways every Saturday in July and August to leave or return from vacation. However, despite this this incessant flow of vehicles and the possibility of Press the accelerator until you reach the desired position. reach 130 km/h, motorways are indeed the safest roads in the country, those on which there are the fewest deaths each year.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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