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Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm... this leak reveals the next chips and graphics cards

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Oops… while, usually, leaks revealing confidential information on future products are the work of insiders or hacks, the PC brand Dell has accidentally posted very confidential documents online which mention partner products. More precisely, future chips, processors, and graphics cards of which no other mention was previously available – and their integration in the coming years into the Dell XPS ultraportable PC range.

We discover in passing the names of the future generations of Intel processors (Lunar Lake this year, Arrow Lake at the beginning of 2025 and Panther Lake at the beginning of 2026) – which at the same time suggests that Intel intends to accelerate the pace of its launches. The documents also reveal, as noted by our colleagues at FrAndroid, the arrival of Nvidia graphics cards in the range.

Dell unveils some information ahead of time on future Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm products

Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm... this leak reveals the next chips and graphics cards

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It is about the Nvidia NV-X6 for the XPS 16″ or the Nvidia NV-X2 for the XPS 14″. All with TDPs which would be 80W for the first and 45W for the second. The other characteristics of these graphics chips are, however, not specified in the documents.

Other information that emerges from these documents: the arrival of ARM chips, notably from Qualcomm in the XPS range, particularly on the XPS 13″ to maximize their autonomy and performance while offering a quality-price ratio hoped for by the brand that is superior to that of MacBook Airs which run on high-performance chips designed by Apple.

The arrival of more ARM PCs, from Dell as from other manufacturers, is not in itself a surprise. However, we learn that this could happen on the 13″ from 2025. With the arrival of the third generation of Snapdragon-X chips from 2027. Of course, the calendar can still be modified. Given the volumes, Dell is indeed dependent on the capabilities of the founder TSMC.

Which could delay the arrival of these models by a few months or even # 8217;one year. Note also that all the information presented by these documents is not, for the time being, definitive. The firm could still make modifications depending on what comes out, its needs or market realities.

  • Dell accidentally leaked confidential documents, including the launch roadmap for its next XPS laptops.
  • In passing we discover information on future Intel chips , Qualcomm and Nvidia – with model names often still unknown.
  • The documents reveal, moreover, very little precise technical information.
  • These should be taken with a grain of salt, given that Dell may still decide to modify its roadmap for the next few years depending on market realities.

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