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Oil heating: price, advantages, disadvantages, everything you need to know

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Oil heating is often associated with large buildings set back in a corner of the countryside. If I am so well placed to talk about it, it is precisely because my accommodation corresponds to this description, and has a heating system based on fuel oil. So let's see together what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of heating, and thus how to save money.

Efficiency that no longer needs to be dismantled

Generally, boilers fuel oil are installed in old buildings with imposing cast iron radiators. Unlike heat pumps whose power is often insufficient when used in a poorly insulated house, an oil boiler produces significant heat which allows easy heating up to the worst thermal strainer.

Tough reliability

Most boiler models fuel oil will not encounter any difficulty in ensuring their function for 35 years with the help of annual maintenance. However, it will be necessary to change the burner every 10 to 15 years. Their simplicity ensures great reliability, and it is rare for them to fail in the middle of winter.

The oil boiler, synonymous with independence

While the reasons given above indicate why oil boilers were so popular, this can also be explained by certain logistical constraints. Indeed, having an oil heating system allows you to not have to be connected to the gas network, which is sometimes costly and restrictive for the most rural houses.

A system that does not require replacing heaters

Each act of renovation in an old house has a certain impact, and that of a complete radiator replacement is massive. An oil boiler allows you to keep old cast iron radiators which generally have a greater charm than modern radiators, where they would have to be replaced entirely in the case of heating using electric radiators for example.

The price of oil heating, an advantage as well as a disadvantage

Oil heating: price, advantages, disadvantages, everything you need to know

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If there is one element that fluctuates regarding fuel oil at the moment, it isthe price. Indeed, the price of fuel oil is directly indexed to the price of oil and thus, it can change erratically each month. If fuel oil prices tend to drop during the summer, the winter period when needs are greater is generally an opportunity for prices to explode.

Thus, fuel oil heating is sometimes advantageous as during the COVID period when the price of a liter was barely 60 cents, while this generally reaches between €1.1 and €1.80 recently. You will have to play traders in order to fill your tank at the best time by following market developments.

A tank to be filled every year

Exactly, let's talk about the tank, it is necessary for storing fuel oil and requires a lot of space and logistics during its installation. This may also require maintenance which can be restrictive, and also presents risks of leakage. Loading the tank with fuel oil to prepare for winter also requires being present at home during delivery, which represents another constraint when delivery is made during the week, for example.

How does the monthly payment work?

Unlike gas or electricity heating where you have a monthly contract, you must recharge your fuel tank each year, immediately having all your energy consumption at your disposal. fuel. Thus, monthly payments are not offered by fuel oil sales organizations.

Generally, these go through a credit service provider, which requires you to pay your entire heating bill at once, or take out a loan and all the inconveniences that accompany this approach.

Does oil heating still have a future&nbsp ;?

It is true that when we talk about fuel oil, we imagine an imposed heating system coming with an old house, and not a heating system looking to the future. Indeed, oil heating is one of the most polluting systems with significant greenhouse gas emissions.

It is therefore now prohibited from installing an oil boiler in new constructions, since January 1, 2022. So, we can only advise you to turn to a more ecological heating system if you have the opportunity, knowing that the heating meets very specific characteristics. So, the closest heating solution will probably be the pellet boiler.

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