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Squeezed lemon: Teslas cheaper than gasoline, reduce the electricity bill and new Google Maps features

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In summary this week: buying a Tesla for less than a thermal car is finally possible in this country, how to reduce the heating bill by acting on electricity and adjusting your TV and finally all the latest new features arriving in Google Maps.

You are not dreaming: Tesla are becoming less expensive than certain thermal cars

Squeezed lemon: Tesla cheaper than gasoline, reduce electricity bill and new Google Maps

According to a study carried out in the United States, the price of certain electric cars is reaching the symbolic threshold beyond which they become less expensive than thermal cars. And this is particularly true at Tesla: we discover that the prices of the base models Model 3 and Model Y have become lower than those of the average of new cars sold in this market. One Model Y variant in particular puts the proposition $4,000 below the national average. This situation, quite unprecedented, so quickly, in the United States, is linked to an aggressive pricing strategy by the manufacturer in a context of inflation.

Save €300 on your heating bill; : instructions for use

Squeezed lemon: Teslas cheaper than gasoline, reduce the fuel bill Electricity and new features in Google Maps

Some French startups are finally starting to address the subject of data that can be obtained from Linky meters to allow customers to make significant savings on their heating bill. Voltalis now offers an astonishing set of connected boxes and wireless modules connected to radiators – which completely replaces your thermostat. Voltalis then saves you money in two ways. First by allowing you to adjust the heat more precisely room by room. Then, by working with energy suppliers and modulating your electricity consumption in real time. In other words: you save money while helping the network manager manage electricity demand.

Changing this setting on your TV can also save you money

Squeezed lemon: Teslas cheaper than gasoline, reduce the fuel bill Electricity and new features in Google Maps

If you have a large television in your living room, and it is LCD technology (or even nanocell, quantum dots, and other names), an OLED screen, or a plasma screen, there is a good chance that it will contributes more than reason to your excessively high electricity bills. Indeed, even if flat screen technologies are much more economical than the cathode ray screens of yesteryear, it would be wrong to say that they consume “nothing”. And this is all the more true if its diagonal is more than 40″. However, all manufacturers offer a setting that significantly reduces consumption without sacrificing image quality.

5 essential new features coming to Google Maps

Squeezed lemon: Teslas cheaper than gasoline, reducing electricity bills and new Google Maps

Google has just announced a major update to Google Maps, and there are quite a few interesting new features. For example, the mapping application is finally more adapted to electric cars, with all the surrounding charging points and whether they are occupied. There is also now extensive Google Lens integration, to obtain information on nearby businesses by simply pointing your smartphone camera. An update on the 5 most interesting new features of Google Maps in this article.

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