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Olympics kit in schools: why teachers are protesting

The distribution of a kit this Wednesday, February 21 destination of primary school students for the 2024 Olympic Games is causing annoyance among teachers.

While the national education sector is in the grip of a crisis, tensions for several weeks, the latest government initiative has once again fueled the anger of the teaching staff. This Wednesday, February 21, many Primary schools have received packages from National Education. Inside, educational kits intended for students. s à all French schoolchildren from CP to CM2. For the moment, these kits have arrived in Loir-et- Cher and Maine-et-Loire as well as in several large cities in France. the end of June and concerns a total of four million students. 

These government kits are called "At the heart of the Games" and contain a booklet of around ten pages, four of which have been copied. written by President Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oud&a-Castera and Gabriel Attal, when this the latter held the post of Minister of Education. Thoughts to "discover history and values" of the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer, the other pages have an "educational aim" as indicated with Libération the cabinet of Nicole Belloubet, the new Minister of Education. The booklet contains crosswords and charades as well as other types of content, all aimed at students. inform children about games. This kit also contains a two euro coin specially designed by the Paris Mint on which is engraved an Eiffel Tower which &quot ;takes momentum to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games" according to the terms of the booklet.

Nevertheless, teachers have not taken kindly to this new government operation. Indeed, the professors speak of a “denied” government communication operation carried out without consultation. according to Libération. For Guislaine David, the spokesperson for the first schools union, the SnuiPP-FSU,"this booklet is useless&#39 ;an educational point of view" as reported by Lib&eac;ration. A shared feelingé also by David Lelong, representative of the SE-Unsa union who declared: to the media: "The relevance of the tool questions us". 

The two euro coin is particularly controversial. As Guislaine David indicates "This coin will become an object of covetousness in the court of After which she underlines to Libération the problematic aspect according to her of the distribution of money in class: "Symbolically, it is not up to teachers to distribute money to & “students". Ms David also explained from Ouest-France that "for social issues or the risk of theft, cash is prohibited within the premises of the establishments.&nbsp ;"

The cost of the operation largely contributed to the cost of the operation. to the dissatisfaction of the teaching staff. Carrying out this communication action would represent a total of 16 million euros. On France Info this Wednesday, Estelle Guyon, professor in a high school Angers and departmental representative of the SNUipp-FSU union, underlined a poorly chosen moment for this kind of action: "At the moment whenù We are told that there is no more money to operate public services and in particular the public education service. quot;. This operation comes shortly after the announcements by the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, on February 18 at the end of the year. about the reduction in public spending. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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