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OM - Ajax: crazy qualification from Marseille, the summary of the match

At the end of a completely crazy match, Olympique de Marseille snatched victory at the end of added time against Olympique de Marseille. Ajax Amsterdam, retains the lead of its group and ensures its qualification for the next phase. direct elimination from the Europa League.

OM - Ajax: crazy qualification of Marseille, the summary of the match

OM 4: 3

OM - Ajax: Marseille's crazy qualification, the summary of the match

Ajax Live

23:40 – Good night

Thanks to; all and all everyone for having followed this meeting between Olympique de Marseille and Ajax Amsterdam. See you this weekend for new competitions on linternaute.com.

OM - Ajax: crazy qualification of Marseille, the summary of the match

This last action alone condenses everything that will have been this encounter on the borders of the irrational. Both teams had just entered added time when Aubameyang overflowed. left and balançhas a bell-shaped center, much too high to be taken up by a partner and whose trajectory destines it to a goal kick. However, without anyone understanding why, Ramaj did not appreciate the situation and sought to resolve it. grab the ball which slipped from his hands. Launched, Sarr found himself in the right place and before he could take advantage of it, he was hit by the Ajax goalkeeper trying to score. catch up with his ball. The referee did not tremble and immediately pointed to the penalty point.

As at the start of the match, already following A foul in the area caused by the Senegalese, Aubameyang challenged Ramaj. Forgetting the context, the expectations, the Gabonese stared at the goalkeeper until the last moment and finally opened his right foot to take it at him. counterbalance. The Vélodrome burst into flames and with it all of Marseille heaved a sigh of relief. This time, OM would not let themselves be joined, firmly holding on to their victory and their qualification.

Because the Marseille club will have made it very complicated; the task at hand residence. However, everything had started ideally. Gattuso's men had promised to show character and entered the meeting with good intentions. Intensity and races that ended in a first penalty, caused by therefore by Sarr, who when he was well used, did very poorly by his speed and his accelerations than by his technical precision. Whistled before kick-off, Aubameyang took charge of opening the score coolly from the inside of the right. The Marseille supporters took it upon themselves; hope for a mastered encounter where theirs could unfold. Their hopes only lasted 23 seconds, time for Ajax to engage and for Brobbey to leave behind. Sarr, not really in his role, and deceiving Pau Lopez following a nice delivery from Berghuis.

Ajax then took control of the tempo and imposed their sequences of possession but it was OM who decided the detonations. From a corner, Mbemba escaped. Rensch and uncrossed at marvelously headed to put the ball out of Ramaj’s reach. Then repeated again. Two minutes passed and Brobbey, again, slipped into the back of a Gigot, sucked into the body. by Bergwijn and lost in his position, eliminated Clauss, who had come to score, before signing a double. which froze the Vélodrome. Despite its offensive drive, Marseille paid dearly for its defensive errors, punished by the skill of its defenders. technique of van't Schip's men.

However, Like the player that Gattuso was, the Marseillais did not give up and as soon as they returned from the locker room, Aubameyang lit up the evening with a comeback. perfect acrobatic move to catapult Harit's cross into the Dutch net. We said the matter was over when a quarter of an hour later, Berghuis threw himself with both feet off the ground to mow down Correa and collected a yellow, soon transformed into a yellow card. in red after watching the slow motion. However, OM stopped playing and let themselves be drawn into a false rhythm, until the end of the game. being trapped by the new entrants, Hlynsson outflanking Lodi before crossing and finding Akpom at the far post, who with a diving header, behind Sarr's back again having to compensate, equalized. Shock at the Vélodrome who used whistles to mark their dissatisfaction with the lack of collective and technical mastery of their players.

Three times in front, three times back, OM could not accept this and this was when they had almost given up on their chances. that the unthinkable happened after an encounter marked with the seal of the irrational. A result which will not be able to hide for long the lack of control over the solidity of the technology. of Gattuso's squad. What does it matter for tonight. Winner, still leader of Group B and master of its destiny, here is OM qualified, between madness and excitement.

23:15 – One last hope for Ajax

Beaten to the wire by Olympique de Marseille, Ajax Amsterdam said goodbye to their team. his dreams of playing in the final stages of the Europa League. However, the Dutch are not yet completely eliminated from the European Cups. Thanks to the defeat of AEK Athens, they will have the possibility of winning. to seek a place in the Europa Conference League. It will be next December 14 at home against the Greeks.

23:05 – Marseille offers itself a final

Thanks to Following its victory against Ajax Amsterdam, Olympique de Marseille qualified. for the phase at Direct elimination from the Europa League. In two weeks, on December 14, he will go to Paris. Brighton to finish top of Group B, which would guarantee them a place in the round of 16 of the competition, rather than the play-offs. For that, a draw will be enough, since OM has a one point lead over the English.

Saved by a penalty as saving as it was unexpected from Aubameyang, author of a hat-trick, Olympique de Marseille snatched victory in added time against the hosts. Ajax Amsterdam. Far from being sovereign, the Marseillais have displayed defensive shortcomings and often suffered but knew how to race in the lead and never give up to finally win in a chaotic match.

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22:54 – Yellow card for Hato

Sarr continues to hurt with his runs and his speed. This time, it's Hato who throws himself to stop him and collects a yellow.

22:53 – Sarr stumbles on Ramaj

Launched à right, Sarr hits the surface and from an impossible angle tries his luck from the right to slip the ball between the post and Ramaj's leg but the opposing goalkeeper closes his angle at the last moment. The corner does nothing afterwards.

22:52 – Double change

In the 94th minute, the two coaches continue their coaching side by side. Ajax, Tahirovic's exit for Salah-Eddine, and side OM, that of Aubameyang, given a standing ovation, for Meité

With the same calm as at the start of the match, fixing Ramaj with his gaze, Aubameyang opens his foot at the last moment to take to; counterattack the opposing goalkeeper and ignite the Vélodrome. This time victory should no longer escape. l'OM.

On a totally failed center Aubameyang from the home side left, Ramaj misjudges the trajectory and wants to grab the ball. The Ajax goalkeeper misses, lets go and sees Sarr burst out. He hits him and concedes a penalty to the 91st minute.

22:47 – Additional time: 6 minutes

There will be six minutes of added time in this second period between Olympique de Marseille and Ajax Amsterdam.

22:44 – Ounahi too shy

< p>Side right, Clauss plays the detonators. It gives sideways to the Ounahi who forgets to return the courtesy his side who carried himself in the area, and chooses a curling shot; too nice to worry Ramaj.

22:43 – Triple change for OM

In the 87th minute, Gattuso made his three new changes with the exits of Veretout, Lodi and Harit, for the entries of Vitinha, Murillo and Ounahi.

A thrill passed; in the Vélodrome. On the right, Gaaei multiplies the climbs and gets rid of Lodi to curl a strong cross in front of the goal. Brobbey throws himself but misses the ball by nothing.

22:40 – Marseille imprecision

Side right, Clauss has a boulevard in front of him and makes the call. Sarr saw it and wanted to give it to him but his outside right was imprecise and went straight into touch.

Following a center poorly referred to by Kondogbia, Hlynsson is overflowing right and curls a superb cross to the far post where; Akpom, just entered; in play and in the duel with Sarr, throws himself and scores with a diving header at the 79th minute.

22:35 – Double change for l 'Ajax

In the 76th minute, van't Schip began to launch his last offensive forces to force destiny and if possible reverse the match. The Ajax Amsterdam technician recalls Taylor and Sosa to the bench to send Akpom and Martha.

22:33 – Yellow card against Hlynsson

Hlynsson is late and rushes to take the ball away. Veretout but catches the ankle of the former AS Roma man. Yellow card for the Ajax Amsterdam player.

22:32 – Hato in good timing

The Marseillais try to emerge from their offensive torpor with Clauss and Sarr but on the discount of the first for the second at agrave; 25 meters, Hato tackles at the right time and interrupts the Marseille offensive.

22:30 – Bad cross from Aubameyang

Ndiaye's pressing pays off and Aubameyang is launched; à right in winger position. The double scorer of the evening wants to give to his team. Harit in the box but his ball is not worked well.

22:29 – Funny pace

Since the expulsion of Berghuis and the preceding stoppage of play, the match has entered in a false rhythm with the Marseillais who crisscross the field but leave the initiative to the 10 Dutch who do not manage to achieve the goal. approaching Pau Lopez's goal.

22:25 – Lodi sees yellow

Caught by Hlynsson's body feint at right, Lodi is guilty of obstructing the Ajax player and receives a yellow card. The free kick that follows is poorly negotiated; by Taylor who lifts his ball too much which Pau Lopez grabs.

22:24 – Sarr lights up right

At 40 meters, Veretout wants to give Aubameyang but he lets it slip away, like Clauss. The opposing defense is surprised and the ball reaches the goalkeeper. Sarr, who the right angle of the surface decides to cock to the right. The strike is sudden and powerful but shakes the nets from the outside.

22:22 – Correa comes out injured

Following the murderous tackle from Berghuis, Correa is unable to continue the match. The Argentinian suffers from an ankle problem and must give way to Ndiaye.

Alerté on the violence of Berghuis' gesture, Mr. Sozza goes to see the images and observes that the Dutch midfielder loses all control and throws himself with both feet off. The Italian changes his sanction and shows the red card. Ajax Amsterdam will finish the last 30 minutes at home. 10.


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