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UEFA Index  : the Netherlands are back in front, but not for long!” /></p>
<p> The Netherlands are virtually ahead of France, thanks to the bonus points obtained by PSV for their qualification, while the qualified French clubs have not yet been qualified. Credit for these points. Explanations. </p>
<p>PSV Eindhoven, by going to win at Sevilla (1-3), validated their qualification for the round of 16 of the Champions League, scoring 1 point for the Netherlands (5 bonus points, divided by 5), in addition to the 0.666 points from the victory. Above all, the RC Lens wasé eliminated of the competition and lost to Arsenal (6-0). It is this bad operation that puts France back on track. 6th place in the UEFA rankings behind the Netherlands. But this situation should not last, because other French clubs have been affected. They are very successful and their bonus points have not yet been released. awarded, unlike Dutch clubs. PSG remains well placed in his group, while Feyenoord is eliminated. after its defeat against Atletico (1-3) and will be returned to the team. in the Europa League, so will not pocket any bonus points.</p>
<p>At the start of the season, France rose to 6th in the UEFA rankings, overtaken by the Batavian clubs. The points from the 2018-2019 season, during which French clubs scored two more points than Dutch clubs, were indeed higher than the previous ones. erased from the shelves since the index is calculated over the last five seasons. This 5th place is essential, because it grants a fourth ticket in the Champions League and a seventh in the European Cup. Already last week, thanks to the good results of the clubs involved in the Europa League (Toulouse, Marseille, Rennes), France returned to the top level. height of the Netherlands.</p>
<h2>France will get back in front</h2>
<p>The OM and Rennes qualifiers will earn points that have not yet been awarded. accounted for. Indeed, they are guaranteed to qualify but this could be done at a later date. first place (5 bonus points each) or 1st place (5 bonus points each) second place (2 bonus points). Toulouse is also in a very good position to qualify for the round of 16, pocketing 2 bonus points, and Lille could finish first (2 bonus points) or second (1 bonus point) in their Conference group League. As the final places of the French clubs are not fixed, their bonus points have not been determined. awarded, but they should allow France to get back ahead of the Netherlands at the end of the group stage. Not to mention that Ajax might not even be reversed. in the Conference League, and that AZ is in a bad position to qualify in this competition.</p>
<p>Each victory of a French club brings 0.33 points to the table. the index (2 points for a group victory, divided by six, the number of French representatives in the European Cup). But a Dutch victory brings even more to the Netherlands (0.4 points), because they only have five representatives in Europe (2 points divided by 5 = 0.4). ;Even if each of their victories earns them more points, they already have more points. lost one of their five representatives and therefore an opportunity to gain points with Twente, eliminated in the Conference League play-offs. At the end of the group stages, the Netherlands could even have only 2 representatives left in Europe, compared to 6 for France.</p>
<h2>Four places in LDC, seven in Europe next year</h2>
<p>In the meantime, French clubs will have four places in the Champions League next year, because France was still ahead of the Netherlands at the end of last season. The 6th or 7th place in Ligue 1 will also qualify for the European Cup, in addition to the winner of the Coupe de France. In detail, the first three in Ligue 1 next season will automatically qualify for the league phase of the C1 in 2024-2025, the name “group phase” to disappear. The fourth place in the French Championship will have to go through two qualifying rounds: the third preliminary round then the play-offs. The fifth and the winner of the Coupe de France will go to the Europa League, and the sixth will go to the Conference League. Note also that at From this season onwards, the two best nations in the world The UEFA index over a season is rewarded with an additional place for the following edition of the C1.</p>
<h2>What is the UEFA index by country?</h2>
<p>It is this ranking which determines the qualifying places for the Champions League or the Europa League and the Europa League Confé ;ence. The higher the rank of the country, the more places they have for European competitions. Here is the current ranking: </p>
<li>1st. England: 95.053 points</li>
<li>2nd. Spain: 82.114 points</li>
<li>3rd. Italy: 78,426 points</li>
<li>4th. Germany: 77.338 points</li>
<li>5th. Netherlands: 59,300 points</li>
<li>6th. France: 58.831 points</li>
<li>7th. Portugal: 50,482 points</li>
<h2>What is the UEFA club index?</h2>
<p>If the ranking by country is important, that by club is important ;also to establish the seedings during the various draws. Here is the latest club ranking: </p>
<li>1st. Manchester City: 128 points</li>
<li>2nd. Bayern Munich: 124 points</li>
<li>3rd. Real Madrid: 110 points</li>
<li>4th. PSG: 99 points</li>
<li>5th. Liverpool: 98 points</li>
<li>6th. Chelsea: 96 points</li>
<li>7th. Manchester United: 89 points</li>
<li>8th. Inter Milan: 88 points</li>
<li>9th. RB Leipzig : 85 points</li>
<li>10th. AS Roma/FC Sevilla: 84 points</li>
<h2>What is France's UEFA index?</h2>
<p>France is currently at; 5th place and in competition with the Netherlands to keep this 5th position, which offers a fourth qualifying place in the Champions League (and a seventh in the European Cup).</p>
<h2 >How are UEFA index points calculated?</h2>
<p>The coefficient ranking of clubs is calculated based on club results over the previous five seasons of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League. The ranking is used to determine each club's position in the UEFA club competition draws as explained on the official website.</p>
<p>The club coefficient ranking for the season is established on the basis of the results of the clubs involved in the current UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League. This classification, combined with à That of the previous four seasons, determines whether the club is seeded in the draws for UEFA competitions.</p>
<p>The club coefficients are determined ;s either by the sum of all the points won over the past five years OR the coefficient of the association over the same period, the priority given at the highest.</p>
<p>The season coefficient of an association (country) is calculated by adding the points obtained by all its clubs in a given season in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), UEFA Europa League (UEL) and UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL), then dividing the total by the number of clubs from this association having participated in the in the three UEFA club competitions in question.</p>
<h2>What points are awarded?</h2>
<p><strong>Points in the UEFA Champions League</strong> <br />Any victory at hand from the group stage: 2 points<br /> Any draw From the group stage: 1 point<br /> Participation bonus the group stage: 4 points<br /> Bonus for participation in the round of 16: 4 points<br /> Each round reached by the clubs at from the round of 16: 1 point</p>
<p><strong>UEFA Europa League points</strong><br />Any victory at hand from the group stage (except the play-offs of the knockout phase): 2 points<br /> Any draw from the group stage (excluding the play-offs of the knockout stage): 1 point<br /> Group winner: 4 points<br /> Group runner-up: 2 ;points<br /> Each round reached by the clubs at agrave; from the round of 16: 1 point</p>
<p><strong>Points in UEFA Conference League</strong></p>
<p>Any victory at home from the group stage (except the play-offs of the knockout phase): 2 points<br /> Any draw from the group stage (except the play-offs of the knockout stage): 1 point<br /> Group winner: 2 points<br /> Second in group: 1 point <br /> Qualification in semi-final and final: 1 point</p>
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