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One of the best Android features comes to iPhone thanks to... Google (Tutorial)

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Circle to Search is a feature that appeared at the beginning of the year on the Pixel 8 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S24. When you use your Android smartphone, you can, by circling an object, launch a search for results on Google. This can be useful if you want to know, for example, the price of a product or recognize a plant.

With the latest update to the Google app on iOS, you can now enjoy an almost similar experience on your iPhone. Here is the method in a few steps.

How to activate Google Lens recognition on your iPhone

Google's update therefore allows you to natively use Google Lens (and not Circle to Search) on your iPhone, without being in the Google application. Even if the name is different, the result is the same: you will be able to know everything about what you see. The first step is to update the Google app on iOS (version 315.0).

Then it’is in the very practical application “Shortcuts” what's happening:

  1. Open the application Shortcuts
  2. Click the + at the top right
  3. Click add action
  4. Search for “Take a screenshot” then validate
  5. Search at the bottom “Rsearch for the image with Lens
  6. Name and save your shortcut

One of the best Android features comes to iPhone thanks to... Google (Tutorial)

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When triggered, this shortcut will immediately take a screenshot of what the phone sees. Whether you're in the camera, an app, or browsing, it will capture what the iPhone displays. The second part of the automation allows him to use Google Lens on this screenshot. So you can search Google to find out more, and even translate the text you see.

Final step to take full advantage of it, make triggering the shortcut simple.

  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Accessibility/Touch
  3. Go to “Touch the back of the device
  4. Choose 2 and 3 taps
  5. Select your shortcut< /li>

This magic button that we presented to you a few years ago is particularly suited to this type of automation. If you have an iPhone 15 Pro, you can associate the shortcut with the action button on the edge of the device.

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