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Who will succeed Tim Cook ? A name is already circulating

John Ternus currently serves as Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering. © Apple

Tim Cook has already indicated that he will not be CEO of Apple for more than 20 years. Therefore, in 2031, the Cupertino company should have a new leader. And currently, even if Cook's retirement does not seem imminent, the media regularly discuss his succession. Moreover, Tim Cook has already indicated that Apple does indeed have a detailed succession plan. And if he did not give names, he would like the next CEO to be an internal person.

According to generally well-informed journalist Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), many signs suggest that when Tim Cook retires, his successor could be John Ternus, who currently serves as vice-president. senior president of hardware engineering. To arrive at this conclusion, the journalist proceeded by elimination.

For example, according to Gurman, Apple's current COO, Jeff Williams, who runs the company's operations, is also close to retirement, being almost the same age as Tim Cook. Craig Federighi, Apple's head of software, reportedly doesn't have the “business acumen” to run the entire company. And Deirdre O’Brien, the current head of sales, would not have the necessary profile to bring Apple into a new era.

Why John Ternus ?

John Ternus is not even fifty yet and could therefore occupy the position of CEO for several years, if he succeeds Tim Cook. Furthermore, this is a person who quickly climbed the ranks within Apple. He joined the firm's management team in 2021 and according to Mark Gurman, Although he was in charge of Mac engineering development, his responsibilities were initially extended to other products: iPads, AirPods, and even the iPhone and iPad. 'Apple Watch.
In other words, John Ternus already oversees the development of Apple's big-revenue products. His appearances are also becoming more and more numerous. And recently, he took the stage to present the new features during the keynote.

Mark Gurman explains that the chances of John Ternus becoming CEO of 'Apple increases every year. But, as usual, caution is required, since these are only speculations. In any case, after having capitalized on the legacy of Steve Jobs during the Tim Cook era, Apple would now need important new features. This is also the reason why the firm was interested in the electric car market and the reason why it is tackling the mixed reality market.

  • Tim Cook has already indicated that he will not serve as Apple CEO for more than 20 years
  • And currently, the firm is already preparing for his succession, even if Tim Cook's retirement does not seem imminent
  • There are many people who could replace Cook, but journalist Mark Gurman thinks that There's one Apple executive who is more likely to become CEO
  • It's John Ternus, who currently oversees hardware engineering at Apple
  • He is still relatively young, but already has enormous responsibilities within the company

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