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Other accusations against police officer Guenette-Grégoire

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The SQ police officer, Miguel Guenette-Grégoire, accused of cocaine trafficking, faces new charges.

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SQ police officer Miguel Guenette-Grégoire, arrested and accused of cocaine trafficking last week, is in even more trouble with the law.

The Directorate of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) announced, upon the agent's return to court, that it was filing new charges against him. He was back in court as part of an investigation into his release, which the DPCP opposes.

Following searches and a criminal investigation by the Police Standards Department of the Sûreté du Quebec, Miguel Guenette-Grégoire now faces charges of possession of cocaine, methamphetamines and anabolic steroids with the aim of trafficking.

Added to this is an accusation of producing anabolic steroids.

Miguel Guenette-Grégoire is also accused of having fraudulently obtained computer services, of having attempted to obstruct the course of justice by sharing information on an ongoing investigation and having committed a breach of trust in relation to the functions of his office. Finally, he is accused of operating a motor vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public.

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Remember that the 29-year-old police officer has been suspended with pay since his arrest by his SQ colleagues, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, on Tuesday, March 19 .

The filing of a charge for cocaine trafficking caused shock waves at the police station the SQ of Saint-Hyacinthe, where the agent was based at the MRC des Maskoutains.

Investigators from the SQ Police Standards Department conducted an internal investigation at the beginning of the year, after receiving allegations of breach of trust, drug trafficking and improper use. authorized from a computer.

What reassures me in this file is to note the rigor and effectiveness of the Police Standards Department in investigating and removing from the ranks a police officer who engages in such behavior. […] Three months to make an arrest is a fairly short time frame in terms of investigations, commented Marcel Savard, former director general of the SQ, the day after the arrest of Guenette-Grégoire.

Several investigative techniques allowed us to amass enough evidence to lead to his arrest on the ground in Montérégie.

The Sûreté du Québec has not commented on the filing of new charges against his police officer by the Directorate of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.

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