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Owning an electric Volvo becomes more practical: the manufacturer's announcements

Volvo C40 Recharge © Volvo

To encourage the adoption of electric cars, it is essential that drivers have access to sufficient and well-distributed rapid charging infrastructure. And precisely, in order to make life easier for drivers of its electric cars, Volvo has just made a series of announcements related to the charging of these vehicles. The manufacturer has partnered with Digital Charging Solutions, which claims to have the largest network of chargers in Europe.

Thanks to this partnership, owners of 100% electric Volvos, such as the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge, will have access to more than 1,000 charging points across 30 European countries. In total, this network includes more than 590,000 terminals. Volvo highlights the fact that thanks to access to these chargers, drivers will be able to more easily access charging infrastructure during cross-border journeys.

New Volvo features

In addition to this partnership with the Digital Charging Solutions network, Volvo also announced some new features intended to make charging easier. For example, its EX90 SUV will benefit from the “Plug & Charge”, which eliminates “the need for complicated transactions” at the terminals.

Another feature allows you to control the charging of electric cars on the Volvo Cars app. And in addition, Volvo will also offer subscription systems for charging electric cars.

“We continue to focus on our customers and understand their needs when driving a fully electric Volvo product. Being able to access more public charging stations than before, all through a single app, allows our customers to make more electrified journeys thanks to these new accessible improvements,” comments Julia Sandén , responsible for the charging experience at Volvo Cars.

Charging: EU goes second

Concerning the charging of electric cars in Europe, it should be noted that the European Union has already adopted a new law which extends the network of chargers accessible to the public on certain routes. By 2025, the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) must have fast charging stations of at least 150 kW for cars and vans, every 60 km.

In addition, this The law also requires simplified payments by bank card or contactless payment, and without subscription, at these stations. In addition, the EU will require these stations to be transparent about terminal availability, prices, waiting time, etc.

  • Volvo announces partnership with Digital Charging Solutions
  • Drivers will have access to more electric car charging infrastructure, spread across 30 European countries
  • Volvo also announces a series of new features to simplify charging experience

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