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Saw X: 5 things to know about the return of Jigsaw< /p> © Metropolitain FilmExport

Even if you're not really into horror films, you've probably heard of the Saw saga. Launched in 2004, this horror franchise is now cult. The character of Jigsaw on his famous bicycle is now part of popular culture.

Almost two decades after the release of the first Saw, the saga continues to grow. A tenth opus is arriving in cinemas and it is sure to make spectators shiver. What to remember before discovering this new horrific opus?

Saw X is not yet another opus like any other. To begin with, there is talk of a prequel. The events of this tenth part therefore take place between Saw I and Saw II. The saga thus invites us to take a little leap into the past.

But Saw X allows us to highlight the most personal game of John Kramer, the famous puzzle killer which we no longer need to present. Indeed, the brains behind Sawis a man suffering from terminal cancer. At his worst and totally desperate, John Kramer's hopes for recovery rest on a center in Mexico. He is promised to be able to cure his cancer but the truth is very different… It is a scam which takes advantage of the vulnerability and despair of seriously ill people.

The puzzle killer fumes at being tricked and seeks revenge. He intends to find these crooks and make them pay with a Machiavellian and ingenious game of which he has the secret.

Saw X has already made noise . In Los Angeles, the police had to intervene at the home of one of the film's editors. Neighbors heard strange screams and alerted the police, fearing the worst. But no person tortured on site… The film's first assistant editor, Steve Forn, was simply busy on one of the Saw X sequences.

For the neighbors to be so concerned, the performance had to be very realistic. All you have to do is go see the film in theaters to be sure.

Two years after the release of Spiral: The Legacy of Saw< /em>, the tenth film in the Saw saga will be released in cinemas in France on October 25, 2023. Right on time to celebrate Halloween properly.

In 20 years, Sawhas established itself as one of the most lucrative horror sagas in Hollywood. With its nine current installments, the franchise has already grossed more than a billion dollars at the global box office. If fans complain about a quality that drops over the episodes, this new film could revive the saga. In any case, Saw If Saw X is a hit, it is almost certain that the saga will not end there. In a recent interview, director Kevin Greutert said he thinks “there will probably be more Saw films, especially if this one is a success”. All that remains is to see the box office results in France.

In the United States, where the film has already been released, the reviews are rather positive. In ten days of operation, the feature film grossed $57 million at the worldwide box office. If it does not surpass the first opuses of the saga, Saw X has already done better during its launch weekend than the most recent installments.

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