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Pat King’s lawyer argues

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Pat King is one of the organizers of the convoy truckers. (Archive photo)

The Canadian Press

The organizer of the truckers' convoy, Pat King, once again asked the court to move his criminal trial out of Ottawa , even though other people charged in connection with the demonstration have had similar requests refused. The judge presiding over the trial said it was unlikely he would grant the request.

Pat King was among the initial group of organizers who brought heavy goods vehicles and other trucks to the capital to protest COVID-19 public health restrictions in early 2022.

Mr. King's lawyer, Natasha Calvinho, maintains that her client enjoyed greater notoriety than most of the other organizers of the convoy and even than the ex-provincial deputy of the party. Ontario Randy Hillier, who also faces charges related to the convoy last winter.

She tried a second time to convince a judge to move the trial out of Ottawa and argued that Mr. King was so notorious that he would have no chance of a fair trial in the city.

Convoy organizer James Bauder and former provincial MP Hillier said in their own failed attempts that they felt an Ottawa jury would be biased against them due to the impact of the event on the residents of Ottawa.

Mr. King was and still is more high-profile than most of the others involved in the 'freedom convoy,' the lawyer told the court.

The exceptions, she said, are protest organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, whose joint criminal trial began in September.

The Crown argued that Mr. King's situation more closely resembles that of James Bauder, whose request to move his trial was refused in part because he was not a well-known person.

The Crown called for the request to be dismissed, and Ms. Calvinho acknowledged in court that Mr. King's request would be an uphill battle to defend.

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Before his arrest, Pat King (left) went on Facebook Live during the convoy. (File photo)

Judge Charles Hackland said during Tuesday's court proceedings, which took place via video conference, that& #x27;he would likely deny the request, although he would like to consider the matter more carefully before making his final decision.

He said media or social media coverage of the accused is not the main issue, as that problem would not be resolved by moving the trial out of Ottawa.

The real issue is what about potential jurors who reside in the downtown Ottawa area or who might otherwise have been indirectly involved in the convoy. These are the people who need to be treated with great caution, I think, to avoid any risk of harm, Judge Hackland weighed.

The convoy had blocked city streets, with people and vehicles remaining in the city center for three weeks. Residents described the scene as lawless, as they were subjected to honking horns at all hours of the day and night, open fires in the streets and diesel fumes.

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Trucks block streets in downtown Ottawa, on the night of February 2 to 3, 2022. (Photo archives)

The protest cost the city $7 million, and police initially estimated it would cost $55 million to patrol and ultimately end the protest.

The Liberal government also invoked the Emergency Measures Act to try to quell protests in Ottawa and at several Canada-US border crossings.

Pat King is charged with mischief and other charges related to counseling others to commit wrongdoing, disobeying Tuesday's arguments were part of a court order and obstructing police in connection with their role in the convoy. x27;a four-day preliminary hearing on several issues related to the King case, most of which cannot be reported due to a publication ban.

Mr. King's trial is expected to begin in late November.

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