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The driver who killed two motorcyclists in Portneuf remains in prison< /p>Open in full screen mode

Martine Linteau (Archive photo)

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At the Quebec courthouse, the driver who struck fatally two motorcyclists in Portneuf this summer did not convince the judge to release her.

The judge ruled in favor on Monday of the prosecution, which requested that Martine Linteau remain in prison during the legal process, even if she does not have a x27;criminal history.

The 61-year-old woman has been detained since she hit a motorcycle in Saint-Raymond on July 25, killing the two people who were seated there.

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The driver of the vehicle hit the motorcycle and killed her two passengers. (Archive photo)

Linteau is accused of impaired driving causing the death of Samuel Lacoursière, 38, and' Audrey Michaud, 31 years old.

Several relatives of the victims followed the hearing, including Louis-Philippe Lebel, who served in the army alongside Mr. Lacoursière. /p>

Sam, he was my best, for a very long time, he was the person I shared the most time with, so it& #x27;I am sure that I will be here to honor his memory, confided Mr. Lebel as he left the courtroom.

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Louis-Philippe Lebel, friend of one of the victims

He says he trusts the justice system: It's sure, it's the justice system for which we went to fight in Afghanistan, so we're going to rely on what the ;we defended it as a concept in life.

The investigation into release held before judge Jean-Philippe Robitaille is struck by x27;a publication ban order.

The prosecutor, Me Valérie Bélizaire-Joseph, speaks of an important decision.< /p>

The judge really based himself on what we call public confidence in the administration of justice, that is to say not to undermine it. Keeping this lady in detention sends a message that this is a crime that is not accepted, even if she is a lady who has no history and no background.

A quote from Me Valérie Bélizaire-Joseph, DPCP prosecutor

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Me Valérie Bélizaire-Joseph, prosecutor from the office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions

Martine Linteau listened to the decision without showing the slightest sign of emotion. His case will return to court next month for further proceedings.

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