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pCloud's mind-blowing Valentine's Day offer goes into overtime

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pCloud has been providing online storage services for over 10 years now. And the least we can say is that it is clearly optimal. The publisher offers you solutions adapted to all needs, reliable, secure and practical for storing your documents.

Exit paper storage or external hard drive type media, the cloud surpasses them. And what's more, pCloud is extending its Valentine's Day offer for a little longer. So you still have a chance to enjoy immediate discounts and free subscriptions, don't miss it.

pCloud, the reference for online storage

The positives of cloud storage are numerous. But pCloud really takes this to another level. If you choose this online storage provider, you will benefit from many advantages. The first of these is undoubtedly the practical side of cloud storage.

Indeed, with pCloud, you can load your documents, photos, videos or even professional files from all your devices in a few seconds. From this first advantage comes a second: thanks to the automatic synchronization functionality, your documents will be easily accessible from all your devices.

Besides, pCloud even has its own onboard media player, allowing you to read your photos and videos on all your media without having to download them first.

Always in the interest of accessibility, pCloud also allows you to simply share your files, even with people who do not have an account with the publisher. This is done via sharing links or special access. But that's not all, other advantages should be noted with this supplier, particularly in terms of security.

So that you don't lose your documents, the publisher saves them on several separate servers. Along the same lines, it gives you access to a 30-day trash history.

Also, it is good to note that pCloud encrypts the transfer and storage of your files with a powerful algorithm. This way, you will be safe from attacks. The icing on the cake: pCloud being based in Switzerland, it applies the laws of this country, which are very strict with the confidentiality of Internet users' data.

The pCloud Valentine's Day offer is breathtaking

We announced it in the introduction, if pCloud is making noise at the moment, it's also because of its absolutely unprecedented Valentine's Day offer. This concerns the provider's Lifetime plans. These subscriptions are valid for life (for a real period of 99 years), after a single payment.

No recurring payments or restrictions apply afterward, which is already exceptional in itself. Even more impressive, pCloud is giving these plans an immediate 67% discount. So you can choose between:

But where pCloud is causing a sensation is that by extending its Valentine's Day offer, it offers you for each subscription a second identical storage space, to offer to anyone you want (it comes in the form of a promotional code).

No, you are not dreaming, you will be entitled to a free subscription for each subscription purchased. This is all the more advantageous as the pCloud application is compatible with the main operating systems, and your account will even be accessible from the publisher's site with n’ ;#8217;any Internet connection.

And if you are still hesitant, know that a 10-day money-back guarantee has your back when you subscribe.

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