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Pension reform: what the final text contains

PENSION REFORM 2023. The Constitutional Council has delivered its verdict on the constitutionality of of pension reform, after three months of debate. Here is what the final text contains.

[Mis à day April 14 2023 &agrave 7:42 p.m.] The decision has been made. The Constitutional Council has delivered its verdict concerning the pension reform. As envisaged, the text has been edited. censored partially. Indeed, six articles, including those on the senior index and the senior employment contract were   rejected by the institution. On the other hand, the Constitutional Council judged that validates article 7, on the postponement of the retirement age to 64 years, the main measure of this reform. The text should now be promulgated in the next 48 hours. Here is its final content:

​​What are the main points of the 2023 pension reform ? The summary

Pension reform is integrated into the a future amending financing bill for Security social security (PLFRSS), as announced by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, Thursday March 16 in the middle of an extremely excited National Assembly. The government's number 2 then announced the use of the famous 49.3 to try to pass the text of the pension reform without resorting to a vote of the National Assembly. Mission accomplished since the two motions of censure tabled subsequently failed. on Monday March 20, and the pension reform bill was passed. adopted. To try to see things more clearly, here are the key points to consider: remember concerning the pension reform project:

  • Reduction of the legal starting age from 62 to 64 years old
  • Creation of a minimum pension 85% of the minimum wage
  • New system on long careers (starting earlier)
  • Better consideration of the pénibilityé(C2P expansion)
  • Towards an abolition of certain special regimes (RATP, IEG)
  • L'âage d'cancellation of d&eacute ;rating rest à 67 years
  • Maximum contribution period 43 annuités

In order to ensure the survival of the expensive pay-as-you-go retirement system, France, the government wantedé review the starting system & retirement. The executive is based first of all on the increase in life expectancy. We live longer, so we can work a few more years. The number of withdrawals is growing more quickly than the number of active people. And this figure should see a constant increase in the coming years. come. 16.8 million withdrawals in 2020, and up to 23 million in 2070. A big acceleration should be felt around 2040 with the arrival of the retirement of the baby boom generations. Problem, it is indeed the active people who contribute for pay retirees’ pensions. D'où the wish for the government to "rebalance" this pension system which requires greater funding.

While the pension reform bill has just been adopted; by the National Assembly, here is the summary latest events and upcoming events come :

  • 16 March 2023: the Prime Minister used 49.3 to have the text adopted of pension reform.
  • March 17, 2023: two motions of censure have been passed deposited.
  • March 20, 2023: the two motions of censure are rejected and the pension reform project has been ;eacute;té definitively adopted by the National Assembly.
  • March 21, 2023: Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has referred the matter to the Constitutional Council for an examination of the text of the pension reform.
  • April 14, 2023: the Constitutional Council censoredé partially the pension reform, in particular on the articles of the senior index, and the senior CDI
  • The entourage of the President of the Republic informed  LCI that the pension reform would be promulgated within 48 hours.

After the passage of 60 years à 62 years old in 2010 (Woerth reform), Emmanuel Macron wishes to move on to 64 years old with an acceleration of the contribution period, which will reach 43 years and 172 quarters. It is the generation 1968 which will be the first to be released. have to wait until age 64 to benefit from a retirement pension. full rate. You are concerned ? Here is the new legal starting age, based on your year of birth:

  • Generation 1961: 62 years and 3 months, in 2023< /li>
  • Generation 1962: 62 years and 6 months, in 2024< /li>
  • Generation 1963: 62 years and 9 months, in 2025
  • Generation 1964: 63 years in 2026
  • Generation 1965: 63 years and 3 months, in 2027
  • Generation 1966: 63 years and 6 months, in 2028< /li>
  • Generation 1967: 63 years and 9 months, in 2029
  • Generation 1968: 64 years in 2030

The info-retraite.fr platform already allows you to do this. carry out a simulation to try to find out the new starting age at retirement if the reform came to pass come into force. You should provide some information such as your age, as well as the number of quarters contributed before the age of 20 (to find out if you are part of the b& eacute;beneficiaries of the long careers scheme).

With its pension reform, the government intends to make the long career system more “adapted”, and to extend the long career system. Long lives for people who have started &agrav; work between the ages of 20 and 21, so that they can leave for the next year. retirement from the age of 63. In the long careers system of the current pension system, a person who has started their career is eligible for retirement. &agrav; working before the age of 20 can leave retirement two years &agrav; in advance, when a person who entered working life before the age of 16 can benefit from one of these benefits. anticipated share of four years. With the pension reform, which sets the legal retirement age at 64 years old, people who have started working between 18 and 20 years old will be able to retire two years earlier than the new legal starting age, i.e. 62 years. People who have started &agrav; work à 17 years old will be able to they claim to be a departure & retirement à 61 years old, etc… In detail, if you have validated at least five quarters before age 20 (with 43 years of contributions and 172 quarters), it will be possible to leave at least five quarters before the age of 20 (with 43 years of contributions and 172 quarters), it will be possible to leave retirement à :

  • 58 years old : if you have started &agrav; work à 14 years
  • 59 years: if you startedé &agrav; work à 15 years old
  • 60 ans: if you have started &agrav; work à 16 years old
  • 61 years: if you startedé &agrav; work à 17 years old
  • 62 years: if you startedé &agrav; work between 18 and 20 years old
  • 63 years : if you startedé &agrav; work between 20 and 21 years

The project is also accompanied by an impact study revealing certain inequalities ;s between women and men. According to the report, on average, a woman will have to work 7 months more with the reform, compared to 5& ;nbsp;additional months for men. And until'à 9 months more for a woman born in 1972, or four months more than a man.

For more than three years, the abolition of special regimes has been on the government's agenda. Face &agrav; Following the scolding of contributors to special schemes, the latter has revised his copy. With the pension reform, He wants to prohibit access to special schemes for new hiresin the professions concerned. In other words, the old ones will keep their special regime, but the new ones will now have more access to it. The limit is as follows: to remain attached to the &agrav; his special regime, the employee must be à less than 17 years from retirement, in 2020. This is the famous “grandfather's clause". Please note, the increase in the legal starting age should start a little later for these special plans. ;nbsp;The Woerth reform of 2010, which had raised the burden of the legal starting age of 60 62 years, will only be fully effective in 2024. Companies employing these employees could therefore find themselves obliged to establish a convergence period with other diets.

Monday January 30, the disappearance of special diets   was é recorded in the Social Affairs Committee & the National Assembly. Those of the RATP, the electricity and gas industries and the Banque de France will disappear, as the reform has been implemented. adopted. The dancers of the Paris Opera,  the dockers, and the ComéfrançaiseThey are not impacted. This special diet should not change one iota. À note that in the public service, the advantageous method of calculating the retirement pension, which consists of à based on the last six months of the career (often the best paid) compared to the best 25 years for the private sector, is kept.

Monday January 23, during the Minutes of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of the Civil Service Stanislas Guérini  affirmed that the pension reform measures will be applied "in a symmetrical manner" to officials. "We decidedé to maintain the fundamentals of the system for civil servants. The ex-executive is considering the integration of progressive retirement schemes, the portability of retirement plans, rights associated with active categories, taking into account the end of career of active categories or even the integration of years I have worked as a contract worker. Finally, "a prevention fund and professional wear and tear dedicated to public service caregivers" will be created, as announced. the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt, Monday January 23 during the same press briefing. The amount of this fund will reach 1 billion euros.

The arduousness of life at work is one of the government's priorities in this 2023 pension reform. In this logic, access to the C2P (professional prevention account) must be expanded to include new employees, more than 60,000 more per year, affirmed Tuesday the government. This system allows you to accumulate points in a way that allows you to earn more points. leave earlier à retirement, based on six criteria of arduousness : night work, work in successive alternating shifts, repetitive work, activities in a hyperbaric environment (underwater, etc.) (nuclear reactor containment), extreme temperatures or even noise. 

Carrying heavy loads, strenuous postures and mechanical vibrations, three criteria of arduousness employees who were abandoned in 2017 should not be reinstated as usual ;the unions would have wanted. Nevertheless, the employees concerned will be offered reinforced medical monitoring"& ;nbsp;à from mid-career onwards. On medical advice, these same employees will be able to obtain an adjustment to their position and/or working time. It will also be possible for them to benefit from enhanced access. &agrav; a reconversion. In the most critical cases, an early departure is required. &agrav; from the age of 62 can finally be offered to them.

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