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A payment of 760 euros arrives at 17 million French people

“A payment of 760 euros lands among 17 million French people”

A golden payment of a historical revaluation appears little & little on bank accounts.

Good financial news is rare at the start of the year. It is therefore important to highlight and remember them. While the rise in energy prices will deal a new blow to the wallets of the French, 17 million of them have received or will receive a larger transfer than before. usual in this month of February. A helping hand which, à failure to really replenish the bank account, will make it possible to compensate (in part ?) the increase in numerous bills.

Since Friday February 9, 2024, a new credit line has appeared or should still appear within a few days on your bank account. For beneficiaries, this will be the usual payment of the retirement pension paid by the National Old Age Insurance Fund ( CNAV). But your gaze should be drawn to the scene. by the amount displayed: it will be higher only during the last transfer, received at the beginning of January.

It's indeed à On the occasion of this payment, the 5.3% increase announced by the government will be effective. This increase has been in effect since January 1 but it could not apply during the last payment because the pension is paid in relation to the previous month and not to the month following. At the beginning of January, you received the payment for the month of December. In February, this will be the payment for the month of January. D'où application of the increase.

According to calculations carried out by Linternaute, this increase in basic pensions should allow retirees to gain, on average, around 40€ more per month. With the current average amount being around €720, this should increase to €720. €760. However, it is impossible to make generalizations as the calculation of retirement is individual and linked to the individual. &agrav; the career of any former worker (duration, remuneration…).

This increase is historic. +5.3% in one go, this has never happened before since the revaluation of July 1, 1982. At the time, basic pensions had been increased. increased by 7.40%. However, it is due to the method of calculating the increase that such rates are rare. Indeed, the amount of basic pensions only changes according to inflation recorded over previous years. month.

Beyondà of the general regime, other retirement pensions have increased. on January 1st. The increases will also be seen at the beginning of February. These include, in particular, withdrawals affiliated with Mutuality agricultural social security (MSA), à various public sector funds (Ircantec, SRE, CNRACL, RAFP) and special schemes (RCI, CNIEG, CPRP SNCF/RATP, CRPN, CRPCEN…). Là also, the increase will mainly be around 5.3%.

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