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Livret A 2024: how much interest will I receive ?

BOOKLET A. The preferred savings of the French, the Livret A will make it possible, in 2024, to generate some interest. ecirc;ts, but if it is not the most interesting investment. Simply the most effective for everyday use.

This is the preferred savings account for everyone. of the French. Its security and availability The permanent nature of the funds has made it a reference product for many years. However, Livret A is not known to be the most profitable. This is an account that allows you to put a little money aside. in anticipation of hard times, gifts or vacations, but not an investment to earn money. 56 million people use this “everyday" and can already do so. anticipate the interest that they will be able to receive at the end of 2024, since the rate of return is already high. known.

In 2024, the Livret A rate will still be 3% until 2025. The government has decided to block it and ignore inflation, the usual variable for adjusting the remuneration of this savings account. It is thus maintained à a level that savers had no longer experienced in the years 2007-2008.

With a fixed rate &agrav; 3% for the whole year, here is the interest you can expect to earn if, on January 1st, you had a & eacute; save on this booklet of…

  • 1 000 euros : 30€ d'int& eacute;rêts
  • 2 000 euros : 60€< /b> d'interestêts
  • 3 000 euros : 90€ of interestér& ecirc;ts
  • 5 000 euros : 150€ of interestér& ecirc;ts 
  • 10,000 euros: 300€ of interest< /li>
  • 22,950 (ceiling): 688.50€ d'intér&ecirc ;ts

The calculation of interest from booklet A occurs the 1st and 16th of each month, therefore every fortnight. In short, if you deposit money into your booklet A between on the 1st and 15th of the month, the calculation will be effective from the 16th. If you make a deposit between the 17th and the end of the month, it will be necessary wait until the following month so that the date of the value is taken into account in the calculation of interest. You have realizedé a withdrawal ? The calculation of interest takes place over the current period. 

The total interest is added to the capital. the end of the year. When you want to calculate your interest, you should multiply the balance of your booklet by its rate and divide it by 24 (number of fortnights in the year). But be careful, this calculation only has a theoretical value. To calculate your return, you must take into account all the movements made in the booklet. 

What is the ceiling for Livret A in 2024 ?

The ceiling of booklet A is fixed; &agrav; 22 950 euros, for individuals. However, interest payments may exceed this limit. À As an indication, associations benefit from a higher ceiling, at a maximum of 100%. 76 500 euros. Any person, whether minor or adult, can open an A booklet. On the other hand, it is not possible to hold several in different establishments. To open a Livret A, you must sign a written contract with your bank, detailing the authorized operations (transfer, payment, withdrawal, etc.). Since 2012, it has not been possible to transfer a Livret A from one bank to another. another one. You must first close the first booklet, then open another booklet in a bank. It is prohibited to accumulate two payment booklets of the same nature (A booklet and Blue booklet) for the same person.

On the other hand, it is everything à It is possible to combine an A booklet with a Sustainable Development Booklet (LDD) or a youth booklet. Furthermore, it is possible to accumulate payment booklets within the same tax household. To close a booklet A, it is All you need to do is contact your banker, by mail or by visiting an agency. You will need to specify the reference of your booklet A and Enter the details of your current account, LDD, CEL… or other account to which you wish to transfer the funds. In the event of closure during the year, capitalized interest is credited to the account at day it closed.

Any person, adult or minor, can have an A booklet. The banking establishment in which you wish to subscribe to the A booklet must question the tax administration to verify that you do not ;#39;only have one. The establishment cannot open a booklet for you until it has this answer.

Then, you must provide à your establishment a proof of identity and proof of address less than three months old. For minors, think à bring a copy of the family record book or a birth certificate. The signature of one of the parents will also be required.

Good &agrav; know, a minimum payment of 10 euros is required; when opening the account, an amount that falls within the 1.50 euro à the postal bank. Depending on the banking establishments, various means of payment are accepted to make this payment: check, cash or transfer. Most banks now offer the opening of a 100% savings account online, or in a branch if the customer wishes.

Previously reserved to customers of the Caisse d'Epargne, the Banque Postale and the Crémutuel (under the name of livret bleu), the livret A can be proé by all banks, including online banks, since 2009.

It is not possible to transfer a Livret A from one bank to another. another since January 1, 2012. This transfer was made possible from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2011. From now on, it is necessary to close your booklet A in the #39 old bank before opening a new one in another banking establishment. If you forgoté the existence of a Livret A and that the account remained valid. inactive for 10 years, it is automatically transferred to towards the Caisse des dépôts which keeps it, 20 years. You have the possibility to to search for free if you are the holder of a Livret A that you have forgotten, and thus, make a request for the remaining amount to be returned to you.

So what is the role of a booklet A ? The latter can be similar to a booklet? a &precautionary savings, in addition to your current account. It is recommended that you to place two &agrav; three months' salary in your A booklet. But other solutions exist to save, some of which have seen their rate greatly increased. like LEP.  Submitted à resource condition, the LEP is a guaranteed placement and reservedé to people domiciled in France and whose resources are limited (20 euros of reference tax income for a single person, 31 euros ;135 euros for a couple). Its rate, locatedé &agrav; height of  4.6%, will also be re-evaluatedé due to galloping inflation. A sacred boost for the LEP which should reach a rate of 6.1% ! The LEP ceiling is fixed at à 7 700 euros, excluding capitalized interestés. Its extremely attractive rate could well make it a real alternative to the Livret A in the eyes of savers. Are you eligible for the LEP? In France, 15 million people can benefit from it. Remember that the A booklet, like the LEP, remains a tax-free savings product. Interest earned by investors is not subject to tax. income tax, nor social security contributions. 

You have a little extra money and you are looking to expand your career. Study savings and investment products that would help your money grow ? Consult our file to find out about alternatives to the A& ;nbsp;! 

This is one of the advantages of this regulated savings product. The interest on Livret A is exempt from income tax. They are also not subject to social security contributions. The Livret A also allows you to make transfers and withdrawals without limit in number, and without fees. Finally, it allows à saver to have capital available immediately. 

To close your booklet A, two possibilities are available: YOU. Send a letter à your bank, or go directly to a branch. In all cases, you must specify the references of the booklet A and the account number where it is located. The sums remaining in the booklet must be deposited. Your bank must carry out this procedure. closing your account within 15 working days. To be able to prove the date of receipt of the request by the bank, you must send registered mail to the bank. or request a battery reception at the counter. In the event of closure of booklet A during the year, interest on the period running since the start of of the year are credited on the day the account is closed.

The funds present in the A booklets make it possible to finance the creation of social housing. The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations uses the Livret A resource to lend money to social housing organizations. rates taking into account the current Livret A rate, plus a preferential additional rate. If the rate of the A booklet had increased, the organizations would have been affected. penalized because the costs of creating this housing would jump by two billion euros, had been judged, before the announcement of the government,  the Director General of the Caisse des dépôts Éric Lombard on BFM TV

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