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This salary increase not to be exceeded to avoid paying more taxes

The amount of taxes may fall this year for some French people depending on the income received.

This is one of the rituals of the new year. Millions of employees will try to negotiate a salary increase across the board. the occasion of annual interviews. This meeting between the employeeé and its manager(s) is the opportunity, every year, to take stock of the past year, the results results recorded, objectives for the months to come come and, also (especially ?), to talk about remuneration. Very often, workers arrive with the firm intention of asking for better pay. But not being too greedy can turn out to be advantageous from a tax point of view.

In 2024, the level of each tax bracket has been increased. increased of 4.8%, to the level of inflation in 2023. However, the formula for calculating taxes being complex, this is not because the increase in your income was, at most, 4.8% that you will pay as much or less in taxes.

In the spring, you will declare all the income earned in 2023. If, that year, your income increased; compared to &agrav; 2022, without exceeding a certain level, this will allow you not to pay more taxes. Or even pay less. The proportions are not the same depending on income, Linternaute calculated the increase in income that should not be exceeded between 2022 and 2023 in order not to pay more taxes in 2024:

  Salaries 2023 – Taxes 2024

These calculations therefore contradict what was proudly announced by Bruno Le Maire. The Minister of the Economy declared September 12: "all those whose salaries have increased  in 2023 – the average increase is 5% – will not pay one euro more." A false statement, agreed by the ministry which mentioned a word "a little quick" with Libération. If the income is higher than those indicated ;s in the table above, the amount of tax will be much higher than last year.

However, he is à note that a drop in the amount towards tax is not always good news. In fact, this means that your salary has increased little. in one year while the cost of living continued to rise. to flambé &agrav; all levels. Your money coming in stagnates, your expenses are increasing…hellip; Your purchasing power therefore decreases. Paying taxes is ultimately not such bad news, reflecting your standard of living.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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