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Photoroom: the French alternative to Photoshop you've been waiting for

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Born in 2019, the Photoroom startup already dreamed of itself as a serious competitor to Photoshop. Its tool, boosted using deep learning algorithms, offers a number of very interesting possibilities for content creators and merchants. So what does this photo editing application have in store for us and is it solid enough to compete with the big name in the game, Adobe Photoshop ? Not to mention that it too is equipped with&# 8217;pretty impressive AI tools since last year.

Dazzling growth

The Photoroom app excels when it comes to deleting or editing backgrounds; the manipulations are disconcertingly easy as you can see in this video. Highlight a product, add an object to a photo by simply typing a text, upscale by AI, automated background generation… in short! A very solid set of proposals, even if they are very close to what Adobe offers.

Success was quickly achieved, going from 1 billion images processed in 2022 to 5 billion today. In two years, image downloads have also jumped from 40 to 150 million in the space of one year. A very nice progression!

This rapid development has been supported by robust investments, representing $64 million since its inception. Giants in the industry have bet on this new foal: Aglaé Ventures, Balderton Capital and even Y Combinator.

Photoroom has managed its communication very well, < strong>since she collaborated with Warner Bros to promote the film Barbie. Its technology was also chosen for singer Taylor Wift's official website to help create custom album covers.

Innovations and ambitions

Originality of Photoroom compared to its competitors: the start-up invests to develop its own AI models from A to Z. Next objective& ;nbsp;: Increase image generation speed by 40%. During this time, it also takes care of its partnerships with photo professionals and image banks in order to enrich its database.

Matthieu Rouif, co-founder and CEO of Photoroom underlines their commitment to making their tool a reference: “ We're not just increasing the speed of our model. We're also optimizing its quality, with higher resolution, more detailed images and a larger training database than ever“.

Thanks to this big financial boost, Photoroom managed to implement new features to its tool: AI Expand to resize an image, “AI Fill” which will fill the image with what you want, or Instant Diffusion which manages to harmonize several images of a different style.< /p>

If we are to believe the promotional video released two days ago, other features will arrive very quickly. Also available on Android and IOS, Photoroom is very well positioned to continue its momentum and perhaps overshadow the two giants what are Canva and Photoshop!

  • Photoroom is a French startup founded in 2019 which created an AI image editing tool with the same name.
  • Very effective, the tool has grown quite rapidly and the company has just completed a Series B fundraising of $43 million.
  • New features are already available thanks to this fundraising and the company plans to further improve the speed and quality of its tool.

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