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With this Withings connected scale, take charge of your health

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For several years, Withings has been a key brand in the field of connected health. After connected watches, Withings launched its range of connected scales. Of all, the Body Scan model is undoubtedly the most complete.

In addition to measuring your weight, your muscle mass or even your fat mass, the Withings Body Scan connected scale also has a clinically validated electrocardiogram to offer you. Enough to take care of your health.

Body Scan, the most complete connected scale from Withings

With Body Scan, Withings once again shows that it dominates the connected health market. Indeed, with a multitude of technologies more innovative than ever and just as many features, the Body Scan connected scale has nothing to be ashamed of. Capable of measuring your weight, analyzing your body composition by segmentation, recording a 6-lead ECG or even monitoring your vascular age and your nervous activity, the Body Scan is remarkable for taking control of your health.< /p>

With this Withings connected scale, take charge of your health

© Withings

Rigorously premium, the Withings Body Scan connected scale has a refined and elegant design and fits easily into your bathroom or bedroom. The Body Scan segments your body into three key areas: legs, torso and arms. In this way, and thanks to the handle it is equipped with, the connected scale is able to precisely analyze your muscle mass and your fat mass.

With such precise measurements, you can monitor your health as well as your progress if you have set goals. This allows you to look beyond just your weight, which can mean a lot of things without deeper analysis.

The Withings Body Scan is a reliable ally for taking stock of your cardiovascular health. In fact, the connected scale records a 6-lead ECG at each weighing in order to analyze the electrical activity of your heart. It also measures your vascular age or your pulse wave velocity, which allows you to detect the slightest change in your cardiovascular health. When you perform ECGs regularly, you increase the likelihood of recording and detecting signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib), a common form of cardiac arrhythmia that can lead to serious complications if left untreated. 8217;is not diagnosed.

The Withings connected scale also monitors your nervous health using a precise score. The latter helps detect signs of peripheral autonomic neuropathy, one of the long-term complications of diabetes. It’s the very first connected scale capable of assessing your nervous health. To do this, it stimulates the sweat glands in your feet using an undetectable electrical current. Monitoring changes in your nerve health helps identify trends, or factors that may be causing a nerve disorder.

With this Withings connected scale, take charge of your health

© Withings

Although the Withings Body Scan is an advanced connected scale, it is very easy to use. You will be able to improve your health day after day without having to worry. Both novices and more experienced users can use the Body Scan. Thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, all data measured by your Withings connected scale automatically synchronizes with the Withings app.

A premium scale that adapts to you

Several modes exist on the Body Scan, to best match your needs and expectations. Thus, the new “Eyes closed” mode allows you to free yourself from the numbers displayed on the screen. With this feature, you opt instead to have motivational messages during your weigh-in. There is also a “Baby” mode, an “Athlete” mode and even a “Pregnancy” mode so that everyone can benefit from this advanced connected scale.

If there are several of you in your household, note that the Withings Body Scan automatically recognizes up to 8 different users. Finally, Withings allows you to try its premium connected scale for 30 days. Also, the Body Scan is guaranteed for two years and has a battery life of one year.

You want to improve your fitness, monitor your cardiovascular health and achieve your goals ? Good news : the premium connected scale from Withings is made for you.

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