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Places of worship under threat for Easter ? ISIS video calls for attacks on Christians

A video from the Islamic State, broadcast on the night of March 28, calls for attack Christians only a few days before the religious festival of Easter.

A 40-minute audio message from ISIS spokesperson Aboe Hoedhayfah Al-Ansari, broadcast on Twitter on Thursday night à Friday and authenticated by the specialized site Site, has taken the terrorist threat up a notch. After once again claiming the attack in Moscow, he called for "lone wolves" &agrav; target Christians and Jews in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere. Jerusalem and Palestine. He assures that new attacks will take place all over the world.

He also encouraged &agrav; attack the Syrian prison camp of Al-Hol where resident of parents of jihadists from the terrorist group. The spokesperson for the Islamic State also commemorated the death of the Islamic State. the 10th anniversary of the declaration of the Islamic State caliphate. In 2014, ISIS took control in Syria and Iraq but since then it has lost a large part of these territories although it remains active there.

This message appears very worrying at first glance. a few days before the religious festival of Easter. If France already has survey the alert level of the Vigipirate plan at the "attack emergency" level; since the attack Moscow, G&rald Darmanin askedé prefects to deploy more law enforcement in front of all Catholic churches and Protestant temples, particularly during services this weekend, reported ; Le Figaro.

A reinforced device for Easter

To ensure the safety and security of during the Easter weekend, the minister particularly insisted on "visual control" people around places of worship to "detect suspicious individuals". The police also have the mission of monitoring " parked vehicles" near religious buildings. 

"On the most sensitive locations, resources will have to be deployed in coordination with the forces of the opé Sentinelle ration, specialized in the terrorist threat, even specified G&ald Darmanin in his note to the prefects. Two attack plans were carried out. foiled in France since the start of the year, including one which targeted a Catholic religious building.< br />  

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