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Planned attack in Brussels: three minors indicted in France, including two placed in detention

On Sunday, four men were arrested. arrested in Belgium following a planned attack targeting a concert hall. This Friday, three minors, in contact with them, were arrested. indicted, after their arrest on French soil.

While arrests following à a planned attack targeting a concert hall Brussels took place on Sunday in Belgium, three minors wereé arrested a few days later on French soil and indicted this Friday for “criminal terrorist association”. After 96é ;nbsp;on-call hours à In view, two of them were destroyed. placed in provisional detention and the youngest of the three under judicial supervision, said the national anti-terrorism prosecutor's office, as reported in the reportFranceinfo.

The three teenagers were, in fact, suspected of having been murdered. in contact with the men arrested on Sunday in Belgium. Even though they were not directly involved in the planned attack, they interacted in a group of one day. social bucket in which exchanges of jihadist propaganda and attack plans took place were destroyed. émentioned", clarified é the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor's Office à l'AFP

Their guards à view were linkedéto two separate procedures. The first focused, since November 2023, on a "terrorist criminal association and apology of terrorism" and concerns one of the minors placed in detention. The second, opened last week, for "terrorist criminal association with a view to preparing one or more crimes involving attacks on persons" targeted the other two teenagers. Both indicted, it was the 17-year-old who was arrested. incarcerated while the 15-year-old was taken into custody. placed under judicial control.

A few days before,   Brussels, tension rose a notch after' an attack project has been carried out discovered. It was aimed at the Botanique concert hall, one of the largest in the Belgian capital, and was scheduled to take place in a few weeks, according to the French press. cisé BFMTV. A series of searches made it possible to foil the plans of the potential attackers. Four men, including three minors, were arrested. arrested on Sunday March 3. They are suspected of belonging to the Islamist movement and would have exchanged messages deemed "sufficiently worrying" to intervene. However, no weapons or explosives were used. found on site. The three minor suspects appeared before the investigating judge this Monday and were prosecuted. indicted. Same fate for the major suspect for participation in the activities of a terrorist group. and "preparatory acts of attack". Arrested in three towns in France, they were arrested and arrested in three cities in France. placed in custody seen by the General Directorate of Security domestic investigation for "terrorist criminal association". Gérald Darmanin had reacted to these arrests on French territory.

The youth of the suspects is one of the striking elements of this case: "They are very flexible. If someone gives them a gun, for example, things can go very, very quickly. So we don't want to take any risks,” he said. the spokesperson for the Belgian federal prosecutor's office, Eric Van Der Sypt. 

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