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Playstation would prepare an “auto-play” option to play for you

A recent patent filed by the company Sony reports a functionality to automatically play &agrav; the players' place and spend certain moments that are too difficult or boring.

Your Playstation console could well take on your role as a player in the years to come. come. According to the media GameRant, the giant Sony has filed for a patent allowing &agrav; the Playstation 5 to play à your place during certain passages of your video game.

This crazy idea does not yet have an official name internally, but would be similar to an "auto-play" mode. The functionality would be based in particular on the artificial intelligence of the console and servers of the manufacturer Sony to learn and copy the appropriate gameplay to go through certain passages of a video game. Such a function would thus allow players to automatically skip a moment or boss that is too difficult for them, but also to free themselves from passages that are too boring or redundant by playing through the game. their place.

How does this "auto-play” mode work? concretely ? Once activated, this option could analyze the exact part where the player is in his game. He could then deduce the best way to pass this segment and take control of the controller to play the game. your place. Using a predictive artificial intelligence algorithm, the "auto-play" would perform the best moves and actions to skip the sequence the player wishes to skip.

Playstation would prepare an “auto-play” option to play for you

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This "auto-play" could also be used in RPGs in order to chain fights and gain experience and items without needing to play the video game in question.

At the time when Many players complain about the difficulty of the game. of certain titles like Dark Souls or Elden Ring, such an option could allow them to more easily understand certain video games.

Sony has not yet communicated, however. officially on this new functionality. It's not uncommon for a manufacturer to file patents for ideas that are ultimately not not used. The manufacturer must certainly still be testing this function internally and whether it would really be useful for players. It is also unknown whether such an idea could see the light of day on current PS5 models or for a hypothetical Playstation 5 Pro or future Playstation 6.

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