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Xbox announces new VR headset but it's not intended for its console

Meta and Microsoft are joining forces to create a new VR headset for the Xbox brand. This will be a limited edition of an already popular helmet. existing.

Microsoft and Meta have just formalized their collaboration in the manufacture of a reality headset. increased. Announced in a press release This Monday, April 22, 2024, Meta specifies that it will be a system intended for use by users. to users of the famous Xbox gaming platform. Good news for video game lovers. reality increased, but which implies something else.

Indeed, this collaboration between the two large groups specifies that it will be a limited edition of the cel' Our new headset, Meta Quest 3, released on October 10, 2023. The new system will not be ready for use. &agrav; the Xbox console itself but will draw inspiration from it. Last year, both companies had already achieved success. collaborated to bring cloud gaming, a relocation of console video games made available on different media such as the laptop. However, it was only accessible to users with a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

But in statements on his Instagram account, the CEO of Meta reassures all Xbox players. The new system will provide a better user experience. its users. The personalized helmet will thus be provided with Xbox controllers, compatible with the headset, and a Game Pass subscription. Although the helmet does not fit à the expectation that users hope for, it will allow    the video game platform to establish itself in the video game market. of reality virtual in full growth.

To know the extent of the details of this project, you will have to wait some time. No official images have been released. revealed by the two companies for the moment. But we have  an image, (&to be found on the front page of the article)  which shows us a little more about the future product and its accessibility& oacute;.

Teilor Stone

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