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Police officers visited his parents; they were killed a few days later, he said

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Jagtar Sidhu, left, and Harbhajan Sidhu, on the right.


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It's been more than a month since Gurdit Singh Sidhu's parents were shot and killed in the family home in Caledon. They were visiting their son and daughter from India and were due to return in January.

Since the shooting, which took place shortly before midnight on November 20, the doors and walls of the property have been riddled with bullets. Jagtar Sidhu, 57, died at the scene. The death of his wife Harbhajan, also 57 years old, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Mr. Sidhu says they were hit with more than a dozen bullets each. Instead of celebrating his father's 58th birthday, he had to prepare for his funeral.

His sister was also hit by 13 bullets and remains in the hospital on life support. He claims that he still hasn't told her about the death of her parents and that he quit his job to take care of her.

However, Mr. Sidhu claims that his parents were visited by the police a few days before the fatal shooting. He says he doesn't know why.

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In addition, it put up large posters outside his house to attract attention.

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Mr. Sidhu had large posters installed in front of his house asking if Canada is a safe country.

Mr. Sidhu says he wonders why he sought to come and live in Canada. I feel like I should never have asked them [to come visit me]. […] Now I pray for my sister.

He wants to know who did this and why. He also wants to know why a police officer who identified himself as an investigator with the Peel Regional Police homicide unit showed up at the property and spoke to his parents four days before they were murdered.< /p>Open in full screen mode

Gurdit Singh Sidhu wonders if the police knew what was going to happen.

That's the question we're trying to ask the police . Why were you here? Why was our family targeted? Why didn't you inform us of anything? Because it is certain that&#x27 ;They knew something was going to happen, he says.

For us, it was inconceivable that such things could happen in Canada.

A quote from Gurdit Singh Sidhu

Sukhwinder Singh is a family friend who lives in the basement of the House. He was at home when the shooting happened.

There was a gunshot, then a silence of & #x27;one or two seconds. I thought it was a tire [that burst]. […] who thinks someone is shooting in their house? The shots were very loud, fast. […] Multiple gunshots in a few seconds.

He said he rushed upstairs and saw a person running out the main door, jumping into a Ford F-150 and fleeing on Mayfield Road as someone ;another was driving the vehicle.

Mr. Singh said he tried to wake Jagtar, but Mr Sidhu’s father was already dead. He adds that he called 911 and that Mr. Sidhu's sister tried to call the police despite her multiple gunshot wounds.

According to Mr. Sidhu, his parents were alone on November 16 when Peel Regional Police officers visited the house near the intersection of Mayfield and Airport roads.

He adds that his parents did not speak English and called a friend, Daman Preet Singh, who offered to translate the conversation.

Daman told CBC Toronto that he asked the police officer for his identification number and that he answered his questions.

The policeman said to me: "We are looking for someone, that's why we are here to identify the people who live here,” Daman said.

He said he was upset by the shootout.

Mr. Sidhu claims that his mother told him that the police had been parked in the street for almost an hour and that the investigator had left his card, which had his identification number, with the family. . CBC Toronto has seen the business card.

Peel Regional Police declined an interview request from CBC .

M. Sidhu claims to have called the police several times to get details. [They respond] that they can't say anything, that they have no comment to make.

Family and friends held a candlelight vigil for the couple at Brampton City Hall on January 6 at 4 p.m.

With information from CBC's Saloni Bhugra and Olivia Bowden

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