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Police report 'dangerous sex offender'

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have issued a public service warning for high-risk sex offender Brian Abrosimo. He has been free since November 23, 2023. (Archive photo)


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Surrey Police have issued a public notice regarding Brian Abrosimo. Released from prison on Thursday, the latter went to Surrey. He has been convicted several times by the courts, notably for sexual assault at gunpoint. The police consider that he presents a “high risk of recidivism”.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) specifies that Brian Abrosimo, aged 61 years, is subject to a long-term supervision order. The police and the Correctional Service therefore ensure that he respects the conditions limiting his movements and activities.

This dangerous sex offender who presents a high risk of recidivism, according to the RCMP, has an extensive criminal history, including several violent and sexual offenses.

In 2004, Brian Abrosimo intentionally ran over two girls with his pickup truck in Langley. He fled with the oldest before sexually assaulting her.

A month earlier, he had driven a homeless Surrey prostitute to an isolated location. She had been handcuffed and beaten. He pointed a handgun at her, threatened to kill her and then sexually assaulted her.

His convictions included an 18-year prison sentence for sexual assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault with a weapon and sexual assault with a weapon.

This sentence was reduced to 14 years and 4 months. Brian Abrosimo finished serving it in 2020. He was then released on a long-term supervision order, but violated it. He was returned to prison, according to the RCMP, before being released on Thursday.

Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke responded to his release in a statement. It is outrageous that a convicted violent sex offender considered high risk to re-offend is being released into Surrey, a city with more children per capita than any other city in the province .

The release of Brian Abrosimo is yet another glaring example of what is wrong with our justice system. I ask our residents to be extra vigilant and take safety precautions as Brian Abrosimo poses a significant risk to children and women.

A quote from Brenda Locke, Mayor of Surrey

The judge who sentenced Brian Abrosimo considered that he had premeditated his actions.

The offenses of kidnapping and sexual assault of a child (…) represent the most heinous and serious crimes known to our society, we can read in the sentencing decision.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police published a photo of Brian Abrosimo on its website on Thursday.

The attack and confinement of [the prostitute] and the level of violence used against her, including the threat to kill her, if she did not obey, show that M .Abrosimo demonstrated increasing levels of violence to satisfy his sexual needs on random and vulnerable victims.

Long-term supervision of Brian Abrosimo was ordered in 2020. It must end in 2030. In this context, he must respect numerous conditions .

He therefore does not have the right to consult pornographic content, to be in the presence of girls under 18 without a approved supervisor, contacting victims and their families, consuming non-prescribed medications or alcohol, being in the company of prostitutes and being near places frequented by children.

He is also not allowed to go to the municipalities of Langley and Abbotsford.

RCMP are asking anyone who sees Brian Abrosimo violating the conditions of the order to immediately call 911.

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